10 Best Bike Locks For The Money 2019 Reviews

Utilizing a bike to get around can be a lot of fun. It’s way cheaper than a car, and it’s a much greener form of transportation. But there is one problem.

Your bike could easily become stolen if you don’t lock it up before leaving it. It’s definitely not a fun surprise to come out of a store and find that your bike is gone.

And while we can’t eliminate the quantity of bike-stealers roaming the streets, we can help you prevent your bike from being stolen. And we can do this by giving you a list of the 10 best bike locks out there.

There are a lot of options to choose from, but we have narrowed it down to 10. We are going to tell you all about each individual lock, and then we are going to present you with a buying guide so you can make your final decision on your own.

So without any further hold off, let’s go through the 1st bike lock for the list.

Top 10 Best Bicycle Hair In 2019 Evaluations

1 Kryptonite New-U NY Fahgettaboudit Mini DURABLE Bike U Lock Bicycle Lock

We realize, that’s a fairly big name for such just a little bicycle lock so for the present time, we will simply contact it the Kryptonite.

The Kryptonite can be an 18mm solidified metal shackle that warranties powerful. The disc-style cylinder also supports great performance, since it promises to become both choose and drill resistant. That’ll maintain those thieves from snatching your bicycle, regardless of how hard they try!

Plus, this amazing bike lock has two more safety features that are also specially patented.

The first is the hardened double deadbolt. This design helps to fight any efforts of twisting or cutting the lock off.

The second is the steel sleeve over the crossbar, which adds an extra layer of protection. The center keyway also protects against any leverage attacks.

Okay, so you probably get it now that this lock is going to keep your bike from getting stolen. There are a lot of features to keep the lock from getting damaged from attacks, but what about the weather?

Luckily, the Kryptonite has a vinyl coating as well as a dust cover that slides on and will safeguard it from any dirt and debris. This way, you won’t have to get worried about getting contaminants in the keyhole and rendering it harder to find the lock on / off. Which means you can unlock it together with your essential easily.

Talking about keys, this bicycle lock includes 3 of these. So not merely will you have got a spare, you should have two spares! And, it posseses an LED replaceable essential fob to enable you to get your bicycle locked and unlocked also at night.

The Kryptonite bike lock is a very high-quality 1, but let’s look over the pros and negatives.

10 Best Bike Locks For The Money 2019 Reviews

  • Steel shackle for high performance
  • Hardened deadbolt protects against twisting and trimming attacks
  • Patented steel sleeve over the crossbar adds extra security
  • Disc-style cylinder resists against picking and drilling
  • Sliding dust cover protects against dust and debris
  • Includes 3 tips and a replaceable LED essential fob
  • Convenient to carry with you
  • Will not feature a chain

2 ONGUARD Beast String Lock With X4 Padlock

One of the most obvious issue about the ONGUARD bike lock is that it is a U-lock that is included with a 3 . 5 foot titanium strengthened chain. The string though includes a cover that provides security in 3 various ways. But how?

It protects the stores from getting broken by climate, it protects your bicycle from getting scratched from the metallic, and it protects you from getting pinched when handling the chains and locking your bike up.

The heavy chain added with the trusted padlock makes for a security rating of 99. That’s fairly impressive if you talk to us! But there is certainly one other best part about the ONGUARD bicycle lock.

In fact, it’s not really about the lock itself, but about the tips that are necessary for it. This bicycle lock includes 5 laser-cut tips. Among these includes a micro-light and that means you can see in the dark. The other 4 come with an extra grip feature so you won’t risk dropping and losing them.

The ONGUARD comes in two different sizes, so you possess options to select from. This way, you may get just what exactly you need to fit all your requirements. And, in the event that you don’t desire to utilize the chain, you should use the lock my itself just like easily. There are several options.

10 Best Bike Locks For The Money 2019 Reviews

  • Includes a security ranking of 99
  • Includes a titanium reinforced string and a string cover
  • Will come in two different sizes
  • Includes 5 secrets, 1 having a light
  • The lock could be used without string
  • Difficult to transport chain around

3 Hiplok Gold Wearable Chain Lock

If you didn’t like that you had to figure out a way to carry your bike chain around with you with the previous product that people just proceeded to go over, after that you’re in good fortune.

The Hiplok is certainly specially made to solve that one problem. This bicycle lock includes both a lock and a string, but using a twist – you are able to wear it! Which means that you won’t need to get worried about developing a handbag to shop the lock when you’re not really utilizing it. You can merely use it.

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This bicycle lock goes around your waist just like a normal belt would. You might even consider it fashionable! So now you can ride your bicycle in style and protect your bike from thieves when you’re not driving it. How convenient!

And, the Hiplok is usually perfectly comfortable. You won’t need to worry about the chains pinching you because they are covered with solid and comfy material. Another feature that makes this product easy to put on is that it is completely adjustable. This way, you can match it to your individual size. After all, no one is made exactly the same way.

But this bike lock isn’t just great for wearing – the chains are 10 mm solid and of superior grade hardened metal, as well as the shackle is constructed of 12 mm of solidified metal, guaranteeing quality and security.

Actually, this product has truly gone through assessment and provides received a high rating with the Sold Secure accreditation home. Now that’s amazing!

Another great plus would be that the Hiplok won’t lock when you are putting on it. In addition, it includes 3 keys which means you will will have an extra one around.

10 Best Bike Locks For The Money 2019 Reviews

  • Wearable, rendering it super easy to transport
  • Doesn’t lock when becoming worn
  • Top rated by Sold Secure accreditation house
  • Comes with a chain
  • Comes with 3 secrets
  • Comes in 2 different sizes
  • Doesn’t have a light for nighttime

4 RockyMounts Hendrix Folding Lock

You likely have never noticed a bicycle lock such as this one before. Some are constructed of weighty and bulky stores that are challenging to carry, will often pinch your skin layer, and are subject matter for rusting, this lock isn’t.

The RockyMount Hendrix solves most of the typical issues that you come across with most common bicycle locks. And we are going to tell you how.

This bike lock is a folding lock. It has an ergonomic design that allows it to be folded up really small for easy carrying and transporting. So small that it could fit in virtually any pocket. Nonetheless it gets much better than that.

But we realize that occasionally, you don’t even want to have to worry about wearing something with pockets or even having to deal with the extra (although minimal) weight.

Luckily, the RockyMounts Hendrix folding lock has you covered because it also comes with a drinking water container cage mounting bracket. Which means that it is possible to store this bicycle lock in the frame of the bike if you are operating it. Think about that!

Being therefore small, you will possibly not believe that you will get the same level of bike protection, but this is not true. This product is made up on 5mm thick hardened metal plates which have been coated with heavy rubber.

That provides it the same degree of protection being a U-lock, just without every one of the hassle. Actually, this bicycle lock includes a security degree of 7.

It also includes 3 keys, if you shed one or actually two, you will have a backup key available.

10 Best Bike Locks For The Money 2019 Reviews

  • Folding feature makes it easy to carry and transport
  • Comes with mounting bracket
  • Has a security level of 7
  • Guarantees the same level of security of a chain and lock, without the hassle.
  • Comes with 3 secrets
  • Does not come with a light for the night time

5 TIGR Mini Lightweight Titanium Bicycle Lock & Mounting Clip

With the previous bicycle lock we talked about, it definitely appeared different than the original string and shackle bicycle lock program. Well, the TIGR bicycle lock is just one more different one.

This bicycle lock is normally a shaped steel frame, therefore it’s pretty unique of the various other one we discussed. But it has some very similar features such as for example having the ability to connect it to the bike for less difficult carrying and storing.

That’s right – the TIGR bike lock comes with a mounting clip that you can attach to your bike’s frame. So there is no need for you to bring a bag along for your bike’s security. It is also super lightweight, only weighing .9 pounds. That’s less than a pound!

But there are even more features that make this product super convenient.

When in use, you won’t need to jiggle a key around to get it to unlock – simply use the push-button feature that this bicycle lock provides. It’s a breeze! But how about security and safety?

This bicycle lock includes a disc-style lock cylinder that delivers ultimate security, and that means you know that your bicycle will become tucked in great and secure.

However the best benefit? The TIGR is manufactured in America, and that means you know you’re getting high-quality safety, assured.

10 Best Bike Locks For The Money 2019 Reviews

  • Convenient to carry and store – comes with a mounting clip
  • Super lightweight, only weighing .9 pounds
  • Has a disc-style lock cylinder for maximum security
  • Has a push-button lock for ease
  • Made in the US
  • Only comes with 2 keys
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6 Kryptonite 2079 New-U Evolution Mini-7 Heavy Duty Bicycle U Lock W/ 4’ KryptoFlex Double Loop Bike Cable

If you like the Kryptonite design and believe they are actually great, you then should pay attention. They have a fresh and improved bicycle lock you could get, which is this one the following.

The shackle is manufactured out of 13mm heavy hardened steel, rendering it able to operate against slicing and leverage episodes.

The patent-pending dual bolt system provides another level of protection as well, giving your bike protection against twist attacks. But there’s more!

The disc-style lock cylinder is there to protect against picking and drilling. Plus, the entire product is coated with vinyl to provide it yet another extra level of security. To increase that, the product also includes a dust cover to protect this masterpiece from your harsh elements.

What more could you need in a bike lock?

Extra keys, of course! And this product comes with 3 stainless steel keys, and one of them has an LED replaceable important fob!

10 Best Bike Locks For The Money 2019 Reviews

  • The shackle is made of 13 mm solid hardened steel for protecting against leverage and trimming attacks
  • Has a dual deadbolt system to safeguard against twist episodes
  • Includes a disc-style cylinder lock to safeguard against choosing and drilling
  • Vinyl-coated to last a considerably long time
  • Includes a dirt cover to safeguard against the components
  • Comes with 3 keys, 1 with an LED important fob
  • Is a lot to carry and transport

7 Abus Bordo GRANIT X Plus

The Abus Bordo GRANIT X Plus is usually guaranteed to keep your bike safe while you go exploring things on foot. This bicycle lock offers everything, but we will start out by discussing how greatly it will protect your bike.

The bike lock is made out of 5 mm solid steel bars that are coated in plastic. The metal guarantees strength against any kind of attacks, as the plastic material protects the steel and makes the complete device easier over the eyes. However the steel pubs aren’t the just great basic safety feature.

This bicycle lock also offers an Abus X-Plus cylinder that provides ultimate protection. Actually, the Abus Bordo includes a security degree of 15. That’s fairly impressive in the event that you question us. Most bicycle locks fall between security levels of only 5 to 10. But not this one.

Okay, we will admit that there are other bike locks out there that have the same level of security, but at what cost? What we should mean by that is that you won’t discover another bicycle lock with this most of a protection and comfort!

This bicycle lock folds up to become really compact. In this manner, you don’t need to be concerned about those terrible chains. You are able to just slip this lock into your pocket and start riding! Then when you need it to lock up your bike, it folds out and extends for our needs. It’s perfect.

The Abus Bordo also comes with two keys, and one of them also has an LED light on it so you can ride at night aswell.

10 Best Bike Locks For The Money 2019 Reviews

  • Includes a security degree of 15
  • The Abus X-Plus cylinder provides incredibly high security
  • Manufactured from 5 mm heavy steel pubs for power and security
  • Folds up small for easy holding and storing
  • Posseses an LED light on an integral
  • Comes with only 2 keys
  • Does not attach to bicycle when not in use

8 Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit 1410 Chain And New York Disc Bike Lock

So far, we have discussed two other items created by the Kryptonite brand. You are able to very well wager that this you have all those same great characteristics that their various other products have got.

But, merely to refresh your storage, the shackle, stores, and crossbar are made of solidified steel for greatest strength. It also has a double deadbolt, as well as a disc-style cylinder to guarantee maximum security.

The chains are made of manganese steel though, which is a little bit different, and a little bit better than other types of steel. It also comes with a nylon cover to protect you from getting pinched, as well as protecting the stores from the elements components. But that’s not absolutely all.

This lock also includes a slipping dust cover which means that your lock won’t obtain blocked with dirt and contaminants.

You will be guaranteed that bike lock created by Kryptonite can last a really long time. It might actually outlive your bicycle!

And when you buy this bicycle lock, you should have the option to select between obtaining a 39-inches string or a 60-inches chain. The decision is normally yours!

The bicycle lock also includes 3 keys, one of these includes a light which means you can generally find to unlock your bicycle, even at night.

10 Best Bike Locks For The Money 2019 Reviews

  • 15 mm metal shackle for powerful
  • Hardened dual deadbolt protects against twisting and slicing attacks
  • Patented metal crossbar provides extra protection
  • Disc-style cylinder resists against selecting and drilling
  • Sliding dirt cover protects against dirt and particles
  • Includes 3 secrets and a replaceable light using one of these
  • Difficult to transport string around
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9 On-Guard LK8001 Brute STD-8001 Keyed Shackle Lock

If you are just looking for something simple to lock up your bike, you might not have to look any further than right here. There are many bike locks that offer all kinds of extra amenities, but sometimes you just don’t need all of that.

Forget chains with chain covers or extra keys and LED lights, all you want for is a simple lock that will protect your bicycle from getting taken. Well, here you decide to go.

The On-Guard Brute is easy and durable and that means you may use it once more with no queries of doubt in your thoughts. After all, it’s been examined and certified to safeguard your bicycle.

10 Best Bike Locks For The Money 2019 Reviews

  • Basic shackle lock
  • Convenient to carry and transportation
  • Tested and certified for protection
  • Does not come with chains

10 OTTOLOCK Steel & Kevlar Combination Bike Lock

Do you hate bike chains, but want something that will still do just as good of employment? The OTTOLOCK may be the thing you need, after that. The OTTOLOCK is manufactured out of multiple levels of metal and Kevlar rings that are after that covered in Santoprene plastic material to prevent scratching. This way, you get all of the protection of chains, without actually having to deal with chains.

It’s also very lightweight and compacts so it’s simple to pack and bring – unlike those pesky bike chains.

There is one thing that is different about this lock than any of the others within this list, and that’s that one doesn’t need a essential! That’s right, forget about needing to remember to provide the key along.

Instead, that one comes with a combination lock that you can customize yourself. All you will need to do is definitely memorize the combination that you arranged, and you will be good to go! Forget about fumbling or shedding keys again – simply don’t ignore your mixture!

Another best part about this item is you could pick from 4 different shades. Now, you can lock up in style! That’s something that you don’t normally get with bike locks.

10 Best Bike Locks For The Money 2019 Reviews

  • Made of steel and Kevlar bands for strength and durability
  • Includes a mixture lock rather than an integral lock
  • Will come in 4 different shades
  • Lightweight simple to pack and bring

Best Bicycle Locks: Buying Guidebook

Now that you have been introduced to the 10 best bike locks out there on the market, have you made your buying decision yet? If not, don’t sweat it! This is the place where we tell you what you ought to search for and consider when investing in a bicycle lock. Therefore, let’s review them, shall we?


Obviously, the main issue you should search for in a bicycle lock is protection. Look to find out if they have any safety certifications, and check its security level.

Another thing to keep in mind is how secure you really need your bike lock to be. If you have a really high-end expensive bike and you are riding it through a high-crime area, you are going to want to spend the extra money to buy the excess protection. Anyone who has a cheap bicycle in an region where crime is certainly unlikely may not want all of the added defensive features and will choose something more standard.

10 Best Bike Locks For The Money 2019 Reviews


One more thing to consider is how practical the bike lock is going to be. Do you want something that is going to take a bit of time to figure out and set up, or would you like something super easy and simple? Is the insufficient convenience worth the amount of security for you personally?

Additionally you probably aren’t likely to wish a bicycle lock that’s large and hard to pack. Until, you know you need to provide a bag along on all your outings and think this will be no problem for you.

If you don’t want to have to carry your bike lock separately or in a bag, there are some that attach to your bike or even fold up to squeeze in your pocket.

If you’re worried about shedding keys, another practical option is to obtain a mixture lock rather. There is one such as this in the list.

Basic safety and convenience will be the two characteristics you should consider and consider when investing in a new bicycle lock.

10 Best Bike Locks For The Money 2019 Reviews

Bottom line

So, have you made your final buying decision yet? We know it can be hard to make it down to one choice, but we hope that in narrowing down the options to the 10 best bike locks on the market and telling you everything about them, you can choose one of them.

Plus with the buying guidebook, we hope we’ve given you the very best qualities to consider and consider to assist you along a lot more.

All the best with choosing the new bicycle lock for your valuable ride, and content riding!

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