5 Best Weight Distribution Hitches

The goal of a fat distribution hitch is normally to guarantee the towing automobile includes a level and even ride . This implies it is possible to tow to the utmost weight capacity of the trailer hitch without the vehicle sagging or becoming difficult to handle.

The best excess weight distribution hitch is the Blue Ox BXW1500 SWAYPRO , which has a 1,500 LBS tongue excess weight and a 15,000 LBS gross trailer excess weight and simply clamps onto standard couplers with no fine tuning needed as the hitch mind is normally pre-adjusted.

In case your trailers fat is normally over 50% of the towing vehicles fat , a fat distribution hitch and sway control is preferred. When installed, you might instantly feel a noticable difference in steering, braking and much less truck swaying, which is rather scary.

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Best Pounds Distribution Hitch With Sway Control

When trading into a pounds distribution hitch, we recommend that you select one with sway control. Reducing truck sway can make you even more calm whilst towing as whenever your truck is swaying, it could be scary and harmful.

You can find two pounds ratings that you need to understand before investing in a weight distribution system. These are Gross Trailer Weight (GTW) and Tongue Weight (TW) . GTW is basically the gross weight of the trailer and its load, whereas TW is the weight of the trailer and cargo that is behind the rear axle of the towing automobile.

If you're regularly towing, you then should invest into among these systems. Below can be a summary of the greatest pounds distribution hitches including sway control and clamp on to most standard couplers.

Blue Ox BXW1500 SWAYPRO Weight Distributing Hitch

The Blue OX SWAYPRO is usually a premium weight distribution hitch, which includes a top of the range sway control system and is compatible with most electric trailer brake controllers . The BXW1500 includes a pre-adjusted hitch head and it will simply clamp on to most standard couplers.

In terms of the Blue Ox BXW1500 SWAYPRO weight ratings, it has a gross trailer weight of 15,000 LBS and tongue pounds of just one 1,500 Pounds .

As the name of the pounds distribution hitch suggests, there's been plenty of advancement gone in to the sway control. That is because of chain-link changeable torsion pubs and excellent style, which makes truck sway non existent .

Another advantage is that the chains do not need to be removed when backing up, which is a desirable trait as it can be frustrating having to remove these chains.

Compared against the alternatives, the Blue Ox BXW1500 SWAYPRO is usually expensive but it is definitely worthy of paying extra. It's the greatest pounds distribution hitch you can buy with excellent sway control and excess weight ratings.

Equal-i-zer 4 Point Sway Control Hitch

The Equal-i-zer is usually another premium exemplory case of a fat distribution hitch and just like the Blue Ox BXW1500 SWAYPRO, it concentrates intensely on sway control. It uses a 4 point sway control system that provides the highest resistance to trailer sway.

In terms of the weight ratings of this excess weight distribution hitch system, you have 5 choices . These tongue and gross trailer weights include:


  • 400/4,000 LBS
  • 600/6,000 LBS
  • 1,000/10,000 LBS
  • 1,200/12,000 LBS
  • 1,400/14,000 Pounds
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Addititionally there is one option which includes two 5/16 inches hitch balls combined with the 1,000/ 10,000 Pounds configuration. Irrespective of your weight ranking configuration, all make use of two solid metal bars mounted on the steel brackets for the sturdy set up.

Weighed against the Blue Ox, which reaches a very similar price bracket , it does lack the excess weight rating but the Equal-i-zer makes up with for it with the impressive sway control.

Overall, it is one the best excess weight distribution hitches with sway control , with the Equal-i-zer’s impressive 4 point system being the main selling point. Sway control is normally a significant feature which system is definitely the very best within this post.

Eaz-Lift Camco Top notch Fat Distributing Hitch Package

Many people will never be able to stretch out their spending budget to the price tag on both alternatives above. Nevertheless, that's where the Eaz-Lift will come in as it may be the most affordable alternative. It offers a distribution hitch, sway control, hitch ball and the rest you require to install the machine on your towing automobile.

It is possible to configure this pounds distribution hitch to fit your requirements with different tongue weights. There's a selection of 600, 800, 1,000 and 1,200 Pounds but we often recommend the biggest rating to be on the safe side. The maximum gross weight rating is 12,000 LBS, which is fairly good considering the low cost of this system.

When it comes to installation of the Eaz-Lift Camco Elite Hitch Kit, there is no messing around with fine tuning certain components. This is because the hitch ball and sway control ball is already pre-installed and torqued to perfection.

Overall, it is the best weight distribution hitch for the money . Unlike many of the cheaper alternatives, it is not made from cheap materials and for this reason and the value for money aspect, it is one of the most well-known systems.

Husky 32218 Middle Range TS with Planting season Bars

The Husky 32218 is certainly a popular selection of many towing automobile owners since it combines pounds distribution and sway control right into a one device . It has a gross trailer excess weight rating of 12,000 LBS and tongue excess weight capacity of just one 1,200 Pounds.

It really is a mid-ranged item weighed against the alternatives but includes a forged and solidified steel and it is a durable fat distribution hitch . With regards to the set up, the hitch ball is certainly factory set up and torqued to the correct establishing. The hardware such as universal EZ adjust frame bracket also make the installation and adjustments more straight forward too.

Thanks to the design and hardware such as lift brackets, head and spring bars, the ride is quiet, easy and highly responsive . Yes, it is more expensive than the Eaz-Lift Camco Elite Hitch Kit but you are paying for the build quality and style features, that will improve your towing knowledge.


Andersen MFG 3350 No Sway Fat Distribution Hitch

The Anderson fat distribution hitch uses stores to attach towards the brackets rather than solid pubs , rendering it much more light-weight. Anderson Hitches declare that the MFG3350 may be the quietest fat distribution hitch available on the market because of the components and light-weight construction.

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For all those concerned about the jumping impact when towing, this package runs on the “accurate movement” dampening program for an enormous reduction. Limited sound and low degrees of bounce make sure that the trip is as soft and comfortable as you can.

Though it can be lightweight, it could still provide huge pounds rankings. The gross truck pounds can be 14,000 Pounds as well as the tongue pounds can be 1,400 Pounds , which is great with regards to the efficiency.

General, the Andersen MFG 3350 may be the quietest weight distribution hitch you can buy and offers excellent weight capacities that can deal with a range of trailer loads. It is slightly on the more expensive side but its a worthwhile investment if you require a less bouncy and quieter towing experience on the road.

Weight Distribution Hitch Buying Guide

If you are towing heavy trailers with big loads or large caravans, a weight distribution hitch should be used. This is because it will provide a smoother ride that wont have problems with trailer sway, poor steering or poor preventing abilities. It really is recommended that in case your trailers pounds can be over 50% of the towing vehicles pounds , you need to use a pounds distribution program.

If you are towing a truck, the tongue pounds is used in the trunk axle of the towing vehicle, that may bring about the back sagging and leading increasing . This may cause performance problems with the car and it'll not become it would normally. Steering, braking, traction and other issues will become apparent and for long journeys, it can be very tiresome and dangerous.

We have put together a buying guideline that goes through everything you need to know regarding weight distribution hitches and sway controls below.

How Does Weight Distribution Function?

Spring pubs leverage each aspect of one's body by transferring the strain that pushes down guiding the tow automobile to all or any the axles of both trailer and automobile. The result can be an also distribution without sagging of the trunk from the tow automobile whatsoever and a totally smooth ride. Here are a number of the indicators that you need a excess weight distribution hitch:


  • Rear is usually sagging
  • Front is usually raised
  • Steering or braking is usually difficult
  • Large amount of trailer sway
  • Trailer excess weight is over 50% of the vehicles excess weight


Some vehicles may have a hydraulic or air flow rear suspension system , that may level the trunk of the automobile. This is an excellent feature but when you have a truck that's over 50% from the weight from the tow car, it really is still strongly suggested. Not merely for performance reasons but also to consider some of the slack of your cars rear suspension because so many hydraulic or surroundings suspension system can be quite expensive to correct.


What's Sway Control?

You will observe that all of the fat distribution hitch suggestions possess a sway control program. Associated with because truck sway could be worrying and may be from moving other automobiles, crosswinds, bad spring bar tension, poor trailer loading and other reasons. The majority of weight distribution hitches uses the 4 following built-in systems as sway control:

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All the recommendations above are a weight distribution hitch with sway control built in, which means there is no need to install it separately.

Truck sway isn't fun and a negative experience of it could place you off towing once and for all. If sway control may be the number one concern, we recommend the Equal-i-zer since it has the greatest sway control having a 4 point program.

Swing Pubs

The golf swing bars are a major component of any weight distribution kit and without them, it would be impossible to leverage the weight. There are however two types of swing bars, which include rounded swing bars and trunnion swing bars.

The advantage of rounded swing pubs are they are better to install, set up and also offer a lot more clearance. Nevertheless, the trunnion golf swing bar alternative provides a higher pounds rating, which really is a big requirement of many.

Weight Capability Ratings

In the table at the beginning of this article, you will notice that each weight distribution hitch has a tongue excess weight and gross trailer fat rating . Generally, the tongue excess weight is around 10 to 15% of the gross trailer excess weight.

The gross trailer fat ( GTW ) may be the best to define and is quite this is the total excess weight of the trailer that includes the load on the trailer too. Tongue excess weight ( TW ) is the excess weight that behind the axle of the towing vehicle and an excessive amount of this fat causes the towing automobile to sag. Inadequate tongue fat makes the truck more susceptible to swaying and jack port knifing.

Locating the ideal GTW or TW depends upon what you consider launching upon your trailer. However, a excess weight distribution hitch with sway control is the answer to conquering all these dangerous scenarios and will ensure you possess a smooth ride.

If the GTW of the distribution systems are too little for what you intend to become towing, then there is an alternate. A 5th wheel hitch can be used to tow trailers as weighty as 25,000 LBS but it will require a pickup truck to have the ability to install such a hitch.

Bottom line

Towing anything over the open up road must be achieved with great extreme care. Updating from a regular truck hitch to a fat distribution hitch program is strongly suggested for heavy tons. Trailer sway is normally a worrying believed irrespective of your towing knowledge because at at any time through the sway, you may shed control of your vehicle.

Along with purchasing a excess weight distribution hitch, you should also be looking at sway control systems. All of the hitches in this article have them built-in but many do not, so if you do not choose among the above, make sure to read the full specification.

Once you have your weight distribution hitch installed, remember to work with a truck hitch lock to protected the load so you ensure it's been tuned correctly. Many include pre-installed hitches that want no fine tuning.

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