7 Best Truck Tool Boxes: Crossover, Side-Mount, Chest & More

If you drive a regular truck the chances are that it did not come with a canopy or even designated storage space space for your equipment. And therefore you will need to discover the greatest vehicle device container for your automobile.

Vehicle device boxes come in useful for regular car owners that need to have all the tools they need in case they have to switch a tire or even repair their vehicle on-the-go.

Also, they are essential for part-time handymen, plumbers, carpenters, electricians and also for professional companies.

A vehicle device container is certainly a challenging case that comes in different designs and materials that is certainly designed to make it easy and secure to store and organize your tools. It is usually designed to safeguard the tools from damage and also to make sure they also do not damage the truck bed.

Also, a vehicle device container protects the equipment from the components and from thievery. They also make certain that the equipment you want are fast and easy to access and that you do not possess to leave anything behind.

Here we clarify in fine detail how to choose the best pickup truck bed tool container and also review 10 best-rated types to provide you some best quality suggestions.

10 Greatest Vehicle Device Containers – Testimonials

1. Bestop Under Chair Vehicle Tool Package

2007-2019 Wrangler JK

17 times 7.5 x 3.75 in

2. Undercover Swingcase Pickup truck Tool Package

2007-2019 Silverado, Sierra 1500-3500

34 times 8.4 x 16 in

3. Weather Guard 127502 Aluminium Pickup truck Tool Container

All Full-Size Pick-ups

71.5 x 20.25 x 18.5 in

4. Dee Zee DZ8546B Crimson Label Application Upper body

48 a 21 a 19 in

5. Montezuma Lightweight Vehicle Tool Package

30.75 x 15.75 x 18.23 in

6. Better Built 63012334 Part Build Pickup truck Tool Package

48 times 11.5 x 11 in

7. TMS Aluminium Pickup truck Vehicle Device Container

Most Pick up Vehicles

49 a 15 a 15 in

8. Better Constructed 73010911 Low Profile Crossover Device Container

69 a 20 times 13 in

9. Yaheetech Aluminium Pickup truck Tool Package

30 times 13 times 10 in

10. Giantex Aluminium Pickup truck Tool Package

49 times 15 x 15 in

#1. Bestop Under Seat Truck Tool Box

Editor’s Rating: (4.1 / 5)

  • Position: Drivers Seat
  • Fits: 2007-2019 Wrangler JK
  • Dimensions: 17 x 7.5 x 3.75 in

Sometimes the greatest pickup truck device package for you can be one that can be quickly concealable, and this can be frequently the case when you desire to use it to carry and store valuables.

Bestop makes this one exactly for that, and it is physically a super strong tool box made from heavy-duty co2 metal to prevent tampering. And it also offers a uneven dark natural powder layer to improve its appearances and prevent corrosion.

This pickup truck device package can be meant for use on the 2007 to 2019 Wrangler JK but some models will require minor modifications during the bolt-on installation.

You also do not have to worry about keeping your products secure as it will arrive with a pick-resistant locking mechanism and with a few of secrets simply in case you had been to lose one.



#2. Undercover Swingcase Truck Tool Box

Editor’s Rating: (4.3 / 5)

  • Position: Drivers Side
  • Fits: 2007-2019 Silverado, Sierra 1500-3500
  • Dimensions: 34 back button 8.4 x 16 in

For the vehicle owners with 2007 to 2019 Silverados and 1500 to 3500 Sierra versions, this will end up being an exceptional device storage space container to possess in your car.

Its most amazing feature is usually the swing case design that makes being able to access your tools quick and convenient. It will install on the driver’s side of the truck in just a few mins, and you will not really want a great deal of equipment to perform it.

If you desire even more storage space space you can also obtain two of these tool boxes as they are also available in a version for installation on the passenger’s side.

The tool box is usually also lockable to offer extra protection for your equipment, and it is certainly produced with a challenging and tough Stomach muscles materials, and with wetness closes to make sure the tools remain dry.



#3. Weather Guard 127502 Aluminium Truck Tool Container

Editor’s Ranking: (4.3 / 5)

  • Placement: Bed Track
  • Fits: All Full-Size Pick-ups
  • Proportions: 71.5 x 20.25 x 18.5 in

If you get a full-size pick up with an 8-feet bed, the Weather Guard 127502 will be a perfect choice. It is usually designed with an extreme protection lock system that will give you some confidence that your equipment will generally end up being secure.

The large interior is normally also easy to organize as it comes with an variable steel holder, a parts trash can that is normally also removable and a level holder.

Opening it should also become straightforward and clean when you need to access your tools fast as it uses an automotive style rotary latch.

There are also some practical connection factors that will make it less complicated to protected components and equipment on the truck’s bed. And the vehicle device container is definitely also fully weather-sealed to guard the tools from the elements.



#4. Dee Zee DZ8546B Red Label Energy Chest

Editor’s Ranking: (4 / 5)

  • Placement: Vehicle bed
  • Fits: General (most stick with at least 5-1/2-feet bed)
  • Proportions: 48 a 21 a 19 in
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Given the size and capacity and mid-range price tag, the Dee Zee DZ8546B is definitely the best pickup truck tool package for the money on our list as you would want to spend even more to obtain something better.

Also, it provides a general suit as it will function for a range of vehicles from the little 5-feet bed pick-ups to the bigger 8-feet vehicles.

The device package comes in an easy-to-use style that combines gas shock absorbers for soft and managed lifting, self-centering latches for perfect alignment and handles on each side for easy carry.

There is also a removable plastic tray inside to make the equipment easy to organize. Also, the device package can be produced from rust-proof light weight aluminum and it can be also weather-resistant.



#5. Montezuma Lightweight Pickup truck Tool Box

Editor’s Rating: (4.4 / 5)

  • Position: Truck Bed
  • Fits: Universal
  • Dimensions: 30.75 x 15.75 x 18.23 in

This highly versatile Montezuma tool box can be the best-rated item on our pickup truck device package evaluations, and this means that most of the pickup truck owners that purchase it are happy with its solutions.

The top-rated truck tool box is not only ideal for use in your vehicle but will also work great as a mobile toolbox that you can make use of anywhere from the workshop to a building site.

Because it can be not really excessively lengthy it will match nearly any pickup truck, and it is also made to last for many years thanks to the thick aluminum material. And it comes in a unique triangular style with copyrighted cover design that continues the equipment locked in placement and prevents them from jumping around.

The multitier style makes the interior easy to organize, and also provides a lot of storage space while the dual pin locking system maintains everything secure on the job site and when on the truck.



#6. Better Built 63012334 Aspect Bracket Vehicle Device Container

Editor’s Ranking: (3.9 / 5)

  • Placement: Aspect Bracket
  • Fits: General Fit
  • Sizes: 48 times 11.5 x 11 in

Better Built is usually one of the best truck device container brands out there if the reputation of their items is certainly anything to move by, and therefore you can end up being sure that this side-mounted vehicle container will work well for you.

It comes in a universal fit which means that it is usually not designed for a specific truck as it will function for any offer it matches the aspect railroad. And it is certainly produced from heavy duty gemstone stand aluminium for maximum durability.

The part position vehicle device container is normally straightforward to install, and it should just consider a few a few minutes to perform it. Also, it comes with increasing legs for better stability when mounted on your pickup truck.

There is definitely also a secure locking paddle that makes it less difficult to open, and the interior comes with a little parts partition for extra storage space space.

Also, the cover is normally weather-sealed to maintain the components out which is normally essential for safeguarding your tools from dampness as it can cause corrosion.



#7. TMS Aluminium Pick-up Pickup truck Tool Container

Editor’s Ranking: (3.9 / 5)

  • Placement: Vehicle Bed
  • Fits: Most Pick up Vehicles
  • Proportions: 49 times 15 times 15 in

The difficult and secure 49-in . TMS pick-up pickup truck package is definitely designed to make certain you never possess to keep anything at the rear of or lose your expensive equipment. It is normally roomy more than enough and is normally designed to make the equipment much easier to organize.

Despite the fairly low-profile style, this can be still quite a large device package produced from heavy duty light weight aluminum trade dish to guarantee optimum durability.

The truck tool box will suit most pick up vehicles on the street today, and it also comes with heavy-duty aspect grips and a hard joint, and a climate resistant door to maintain your tools safe from the elements.

Besides use in your truck, this tool box will also be ideal for storing tools at home or garage.



#8. Better Constructed 73010911 Low Profile Crossover Device Container

Editor’s Ranking: (3.8 / 5)

  • Placement: Bed Side rails
  • Fits: General Suit
  • Sizes: 69 times 20 times 13 in

If you are a truck owner that is usually looking for the best low profile truck tool box that will still allow you to use a pickup truck bed cover, this 69-in . long 1 by Better Built can be what you want to purchase.

The low-profile style guarantees higher presence through the backcab windowpane, but there can be still even more to it than this as it also comes with self-adjusting strikers that will under no circumstances want readjustment.

Better Constructed will provide a 5-pocket plastic organizational tray for this tool box to make the interior easier to organize and a locking paddle handle latch that provides better security and easy opening.

Durability is also assured thanks a lot to the rust-resistant gemstone stand plate aluminum construction of the lid and tub.



#9. Yaheetech Aluminum Truck Tool Box

Editor’s Rating: (4.1 / 5)

  • Position: Truck Bed
  • Fits: General Suit
  • Proportions: 30 a 13 a 10 in

This Yaheetech device container model is certainly one of the cheapest products on our vehicle device container testimonials. But, despite the extremely inexpensive price tag it also works well and has a decent built quality.

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The truck tool box has a built-in lock with two tips to make certain a secure and protected storage space of your equipment when in transit or possess to keep the pickup truck unwatched.

The solid aluminium in chromium end building combines with the weather resistant lid to provide maximum safety for your tools and guarantee the device container acts you for many years.

There are also two long lasting holders on the edges to make it even more practical and less complicated to bring. And it offers a common match indicating that it will function for nearly any pickup truck, and this can be even more so given that it is not too very long.



#10. Giantex Light weight aluminum Pickup truck Device Package

Editor’s Ranking: (4.1 / 5)

  • Placement: Pickup truck Bed
  • Fits: Common Match
  • Measurements: 49 x 15 x 15 in

Like with many other chest style truck tool containers, this one from Giantex will suit nearly any vehicle supplied it provides enough space.

It is usually a rugged and durable truck tool box that is usually designed to withstand the regular misuse that comes with traveling your pickup truck regularly and the elements.

Another element that makes it one of the best pickup truck device containers out there is normally that it comes with a built-in locking mechanism and two tips to help maintain your equipment and possessions safer and more secure.

The lid is definitely also designed to present maximum safety from the elements and the heavy-duty joint should last for nearly the whole lifestyle of the device container. Moving it around the pickup truck bed or transporting it is definitely also much less difficult thanks to the two high-quality deals with.



How to Buy the Best Pickup truck Device Containers

A pickup truck device package can be often a great purchase for a pickup truck owner, but if you are heading to purchase one you should under no circumstances pay for anything less than the best. However, obtaining a great one should not be a laborious task as you only need to watch out for the following points.

#1. Style

If you want to make a more up to date decision when buying a vehicle device container, you want to understand the different designs or types obtainable.

The design of the device container dictates how it will sit down on the vehicle bed and also how you will access your tools. Here are some of the most common styles currently in the market.

Crossover Package

Crossover or cross-bed tool containers are a basic and simple model and certainly the most common type. And simply because their name suggests, they are the type that will mix over from one aspect of the vehicle to the various other while sleeping on the bed track.

Most will possess one cover that starts towards the back again windowpane of the cab but there are also some double lid styles that guarantee you do not constantly possess to open the entire tool container. And gull blowing wind design crossover device containers which have two lids that open towards the middle of the package.

These device containers enable for better gain access to without having to obtain into the pickup truck bed, they are fairly even more inexpensive and perform not really touch the bed which means they leave some extra storage space below.

However, if you do not get something with a low profile, it can hinder visibility through the back cab window.


With the side-mounted pickup truck device containers, you will under no circumstances possess to obtain into the pickup truck bed to gain access to your equipment. Also, they can become utilized together with the crossover boxes.

They will mount on either side of the bed rail and facing outwards. If you wish something with huge storage capacity, they can be a good pick as you can find them in sizes that span the entire length of the truck bed.

These are also even more ideal if you will end up being having bigger and much longer equipment and when you possess to maintain heading in and out of your device container to change tools.


With the chest style boxes, the truck tool box will sit correct on the vehicle bed, unlike the crossover design containers that are installed on the bed track.

Upper body vehicle tool boxes are generally more versatile and with a larger capability than most crossover types.

Because they perform not really build on the side rails, they are frequently the best choice for use in combination with a truck bed cover. However, the fact that they sit on the bed means that they will be essentially reducing the size of the pickup truck bed or at least the useful space.

Additional Device Package Designs

There are some additional pickup truck tool boxes that might have the characteristics of one or more of the styles above, but they also have different design features which suggest that they will not really match in any of the above classes.

These additional device package styles include the L-shaped wheel well tool boxes, the 5th steering wheel device containers and the underbed toolboxes that are quite common for those with flatbed function vehicles.

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Buying Assistance: The right pickup truck tool package style for you will depend on where and when you will become using it, and also what you want to use it to carry or shop.

Nevertheless, if you wish something simple and fairly inexpensive, the crossover container is normally generally the greatest choice. The side-mount, on the various other hands, is normally the right pick if you will become transporting longer and more tools as they often possess a large capacity.

If you are also preparing to make use of a tonneau on your vehicle, the chest style boxes will be your best choice as they sit on the truck bed and not really on the side rails to make it feasible to possess a pickup truck bed cover.

#2. Materials

The building of the pick-up pickup truck device package issues a great deal as it will determine durability and also how effective it will become in safeguarding your tools from theft and the elements.

And the material is always the most important factor to watch out for when it comes to the construction. The most common truck tool package components are light weight aluminum, metal, and metal metal and each will possess value and demerits.

Light weight aluminum

By significantly the most common pickup truck tool box material. Majority of the truck tool containers presently on the marketplace are produced from curved piece lightweight aluminum which comes with a diamond-shaped design for optimum ruggedness. Besides getting stylish, lightweight aluminum device containers are highly durable and do not rust or deteriorate.


Steel is definitely the toughest and most traditional pickup truck tool package material. While steel boxes consider very much even more than lightweight aluminum, the large materials will also give even more security from blemishes as the equipment push around inside. Many will also possess a powder coating to prevent the walls from corroding, but this layer potato chips off over period and therefore corrosion can still slip in.

Metal Metal

Many high-end truck tool boxes are made from stainless steel. And this is because the material can be polished to create a sleek look and will not need natural powder layer for corrosion and corrosion avoidance. Nevertheless, most metal steel truck tool boxes tend to be quite pricey.

#3. Truck Bed Size

Different truck models from different businesses will possess differing pickup truck bed sizes. And therefore there can be no such issue as a one size suits all when it comes to vehicle device containers.

It is normally essential to make sure that you purchase a device package that will match your pickup truck bed size. Luckily most manufacturers will show the trucks that their tool containers will suit.

Also, you can conveniently measure your vehicle bed to determine whether the proportions of a particular device container will end up being a good match.

#4. Weather Resistance

Because the pickup truck tool package will probably spend most of its lifestyle outdoors on your vehicle, it requirements to end up being capable to endure the changing climate temperature ranges.

The most important element to look out for when it comes to weather resistance is definitely waterproofing because some tools can get broken when shown to dampness or develop corrosion.

Also, make sure that the device package can be also capable to endure becoming left out in the sun for extended periods and will also not allow dust in.

#5. Ease of Set up

A vehicle device container is certainly a basic light fixture that should not really necessitate you to pay out a auto mechanic to set up it. And therefore before you negotiate on any model, you should make sure it is usually easy to install.

However, it is usually also important to note that different models will require different installation procedures. Some will require you to drill holes on the vehicle bed while others will not really.

Often move for what you discover most practical for you and also something that comes with comprehensive and basic to follow set up guidelines and all the required equipment.

#6. Cost

While the above elements are even more essential when it comes to selecting a vehicle device container, the price is definitely what will ultimately determine what you buy because you cannot get what you cannot afford.

Luckily, pickup truck tool boxes come in a variety of price ranges to make it less complicated to obtain something high-quality that is normally within your spending budget.

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For those searching for something simple that fits the uncovered least necessity, lightweight aluminum is normally the cheapest choice while stainless steel is definitely ideal for those that do not mind spending more cash to get something high quality.


While a pickup truck might become a very useful and practical type of vehicle, it frequently does not have a mechanism or case for keeping all your tools well-organized and secure.

What you need for this is usually a vehicle device container, and with our in-depth buying information above and 10 best-rated vehicle device container testimonials, acquiring the ideal one for your vehicle should be effortless.

But, also make sure that whatever you choose looks good on your truck or complements its overall appearance and serves you for long more than enough to assure you obtain the greatest worth for your cash.

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