Best ATV Rear Seat In 2019 – 7 Reviews & Buying Guide

Without a doubt, ATVs are highly versatile vehicles. Another excellent option that they provide you is the ability to add various add-ons and equipment.

The trunk seat is among the extra luggage that has been quite popular recently. There’s a good selection of various kinds of back seats also available to choose from. These seats come with extra cushioning that makes seating very comfortable for the users and they can enjoy their ride at the back of the quad.

In this post, we have compiled the best ATV rear seat reviews that money can buy. We also provide you with our buying guide on what to look for when purchasing these products.

Let’s start with the reviews first, shall we!

Best ATV Rear Seat In 2019 – 7 Reviews & Buying Guide

Top 7 Greatest ATV Rear Chair AVAILABLE ON THE MARKET 2019 Testimonials

1 Kolpin Back Chair (ATV)

The Kolpin Helmet is just about the best ATV back chair that comes at an extremely affordable price and will be offering plenty of worth. It can quickly accommodate several helmets but still has plenty of space. You have easy access to rear and it can easily mount on most of the ATV racks. You merely want two pairs of U-bolts along with closing washers.

The very best part? The components found in the structure of this back seat are waterproof. This material can easily withstand tough weather conditions without any issues. It means that with Kolpin, you are usually at peace of mind during your time in the outdoors.

The company has used black linear polyethylene with low density in the construction of this seat. It has UV-stabilized and Rotomolded the polyethylene to increase its sturdiness and longevity.

The rear seat provides 3.5 cubic feet of storage and weighs only 13lbs. The installation of this rear seat is very easy and you don’t need too many tools to fix it on your ATV. Quick set up means that you may spend more time savoring in the outside and much less on repairing your rear chair.

Best ATV Rear Seat In 2019 – 7 Reviews & Buying Guide

  • Kolpin provides utilized heavy-duty polyethylene in the structure of this back seat.
  • The polyethylene is certainly UV-stabilized and Rotomolded.
  • The trunk seat can endure harsh climate and has a waterproof
  • Easy to install, you don’t need many tools or equipment to do so.
  • It includes a good amount of storage capacity (3.5 cubic feet) and is best for small family vacations or hunting.
  • The rear seat comes at a very convenient price but offers plenty of value because it is highly durable.
  • You are unable to lean back even a little within the seat because the backrest has a 90-degree angle with the seat.

2 Black Boar ATV Rear Lounger

The ATV rear longer from Black Boar is definitely another option with a cost slightly higher when compared with the rear chair from Kolpin. The Dark Boar Lounger includes a padded seat. While researching the first item we did talk about that the seats is not as well comfy for the users in case there is Kolpin. And Dark Boar responds to the concern with a padded seat but even more on this later on…

Therefore, why this back chair comes at an increased price? You’re going to learn about it … it includes 7 cubic ft of storage capability.

Furthermore, the components found in the building of this chair are resistant to drinking water and dirt. The polyethylene that Dark Boar has used is of very high quality and it has received special treatment to stay weatherproof for a long time to come.

The best part … you purchase includes all the hardware essentials to install this rear seat on your quad bike. The trunk seat works with with a lot of the tubular racks and you also won’t discover any difficulties in this field either.

Another superb feature of the rear seat can be its lock which is constructed of stainless. The lock can be corrosion resistant and it features adjustable latches.

Coming back to cushioning, the backrest and the seat feature top quality padding. This means that the seats is very comfy for the passenger. It can also withstand water and dust up to some extent. But you will have to maintain it on a frequent basis.

Best ATV Rear Seat In 2019 – 7 Reviews & Buying Guide

  • The rear seat features padding meaning being a traveler you will stay comfortable sitting down in it.
  • It offers you using a storage capability of 7 cubic foot.
  • Dark Boar has utilized polyethylene in the structure of this back seat and has made it weatherproof
  • It is very easy to install and your purchase comes with all the tools you will need for the installation.
  • There is a stainless steel locking system that can rest corrosion and corrosion and it includes changeable latches.
  • The straps that contain the chair down often degrade quite quickly.
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3 Dark Widow ATV Rack

The ATV rack from Dark Widow gets the less price when comparing it with the prior two entries. However, this is not a good option when it comes to seating, but more on that later on …

It is an excellent option if you are looking for good storage space on your ATV. The hard storage compartments work well if you want to place your hunting gear along with the rifle in it. You can only put it before the ATV and there is absolutely no choice of mounting it on the trunk.

The very best part? You’ll be able to link down your rack by using six straps over the cargo rack. There are always a handful of holsters for drinking water bottles and several holsters for storage space bags. You are able to detach most of them if you’d like. That’s not absolutely all … you’ll also discover zippers that may self-repair along with flap addresses for climate.

The water-resistant fabric includes a 600D ranking and it comes with reinforced corners. As far as the seating goes, it is not an ideal option for the folks who are looking for comfort. You might be able to sit on the rack for minutes but only that.

Most importantly, the rack will support before the ATV rather than on the trunk so it won’t go to work very well for the individual who is traveling the ATV aswell.

Best ATV Rear Seat In 2019 – 7 Reviews & Buying Guide

  • It really is a suitable choice if you’re looking for storage space racks for your ATV.
  • The hard compartments are great for storing drinking water containers and hunting equipment.
  • You can even shop a rifle with this rack aswell in the separate space.
  • Installation of this rack is super easy with six straps for tying down.
  • It is a front storage rack not a rear seat for your ATV.

4 Black Widow ATV Lounger

The ATV lounger from Black Widow comes at a high price but it also delivers plenty of value. The armrests and the backrest are equipped with cushioning. Furthermore, it is very easy to set up on your own ATV rack as well.

Dark Widow has utilized heavy-duty polyethylene in the advancement of this back seat. This means that the chair is likely to be highly long lasting and dependable.

How come this matter? As you’ll be relocating the outdoor, there is absolutely no surety that climate will remain stable. Therefore, you will have to keep the contents of your rear seat storage safe.

For that, you will need good quality material construction of the rear seat to keep the contents away from dust and water. The polyethylene used in the construction does exactly that is very strong.

That’s not all … the ATV rear seat also comes with a lid that is lockable with help of a key. Moreover, there are always a handful of reflectors on the trunk for keeping you sage from others during nighttime. Generally, you must install different reflector however, not with the Dark Widow rear chair.

Best ATV Rear Seat In 2019 – 7 Reviews & Buying Guide

  • The trunk seat is constructed of top quality polyurethane and because of this, it is an extremely durable and resilient.
  • The chair is simple to mount and you also don’t want any special tools to install it.
  • The seat is usually resistant to dust and water and it will keep your contents safe from varying weather conditions.
  • The armrest and the backrest come with cushioning.
  • The seat offers a good amount of storage space which is very easy to access.
  • This is not an ideal option for people who are looking for budget-friendly options.

5 Honda QuadBoss

If budget is not your concern and you are looking for a high quality product you then can purchase the QuadBoss from Honda. It not merely can provide as a storage space trunk but being a back chair for your quad bicycle. The QuadBoss presents plenty of space for storage and an extremely comfortable chair.

A couple of two compartments you could conveniently lock when needed. These compartments are large enough for you to place an ax or a full sized helmet.

That’s not all … Honda offers molded the brake lamps within the top rear of the seat. Moreover, there’s a little space where you are able to install your permit plate aswell. The rear chair includes a connector for you yourself to hyperlink your brake lighting system as well.

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The best part … you don’t require any specialized tools for the installation of this seat on your ATV. The seating of this product is very comfy too. The purchase price is quite high nonetheless it will also offer you plenty of worth. The all-weather, all-terrain ATV back seat works perfectly for most reasons.

Best ATV Rear Seat In 2019 – 7 Reviews & Buying Guide

  • Its set up doesn’t need any specialized abilities or tools and you can conveniently mount it at the back of your ATV.
  • It comes with plenty of storage capacity and provides you with a lot of room.
  • Honda has molded the light within the top rear and there is a distinct space for permit plate aswell.
  • You’ll also obtain connectors for the braking
  • It really is an expensive choice particularly if you compare it with additional rear seats available on the market.

6 Coleman ATV Rear Seat

The ATV rear seat from Coleman comes in two different color options. You can choose a black seat or a camouflage one according to your preferences. It comes at a very economical price.

You will add storage space and seating service to your ATV without any issue. The rear seat storage is very easy to install and you will not need any tools or equipment to set it up on your ATV.

The best part … it comes at a very convenient price and you can consider it as a budget-friendly option. The compartments of this rear seat are not hard walled. This means that you’ll get a lot of storage space within this back seat. The chair comes with cushioned cushioning and it is extra large in proportions.

That’s not absolutely all … You are able to comfortably sit down within it and revel in the ride. You’ll also get a handful of inbuilt holders for drinking water bottles to increase your comfort.

Furthermore, the chair is encircled by large-sized compartments that are equipped with zippers. You can use these for a variety of different gears. Within the compartments, the storage spaces have walled dividers that are padded. It means that your gear will remain safe in these compartments.

Best ATV Rear Seat In 2019 – 7 Reviews & Buying Guide

  • The rear seat from Coleman comes in two different colors. One is black and the other you are camouflage.
  • The gentle walled compartments offer you plenty of space for storage to place all sorts of gear.
  • It’s very easy to install at the back of your ATV.
  • You will find three large sized compartments that surround the seat and two holsters for water bottles as well.
  • The extra large seat provides you with plenty of seats space aswell.
  • If you’re searching for the hard walled back seat then this isn’t the right choice for you personally.

7 Kwik Tek ATV Back Seat

If you like gentle walled ATV back seat then here’s another option you could consider. The ATV back chair from Kwik Tek can be purchased in two different color choices.

You are able to either choose Mossy Oak or dark camouflage. The very best component … you are able to contour it based on the size of the ATV’s rack. Underneath of the trunk seat can be foamed and it’ll keep the rack safe aswell.

What’s even more? The biggest good thing about soft-walled rear chairs is that they offer you with a lot of space for storage to keep your gear safe. You will get access to three different compartments and each of them has plenty of room.

Furthermore, each of these compartments comes with zippers and storm flaps. There is plenty of seating space also available and you can comfortably enjoy the ride together with your partner.

That’s not absolutely all … installing this highly useful rear seat is very easy too. You can use six pairs of highly durable straps to get this seat fixed on your ATV. Kwik Tek has used 600D polyester material for the construction and for this reason, it is resistant to water as well. Above all, it comes at a very decent price as well.

Best ATV Rear Seat In 2019 – 7 Reviews & Buying Guide

  • The trunk seat is quite easy to set up on your own ATV back.
  • The gentle walled construction requires 600D polyester. Which means that the rear chair is certainly resistant to drinking water looked after provides an exceptional amount of space for storage aswell.
  • Obtainable in two different colors including Mossy Oak and black camouflage.
  • It is very easy to install with help of 6 pairs of tying down straps.
  • You get plenty of seating space as well with this rear seat from Kwik Tek.
  • If you are looking for a hard-walled option then this is not the right choice for you.
  • The rear seat might wear out a lot quicker than you anticipate.
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Best ATV Rear Chair Buying Information

Reviewing the above mentioned seven ATV back seats doesn’t imply that you possess limited options. You can even explore the marketplace by yourself aswell. But how exactly to decide which is best for you personally? To reply this question we’ve created this buying direct for you. Within this instruction, we will explore a number of the essential features that you must not ignore if you want to get your hands on the best ATV rear seat for your quad bike.

Storage Capacity

The ATV rear seat that you are going to purchase must come with good storage capacity. You can either buy hard rear seats or soft ones. The hard ones have metal frames to supply them with the form. The chairs are best for keeping various sports components or tech devices. However, these chairs offer limited space for storage due to the hard shell.

On the other hand, the soft seats are good for storage because of the flexibility and you can also store large cloth piles. In either case, the capacity should be enough to meet your needs. You should opt for a back seat that fits your requirements connected with size and the apparatus types you will be shifting from one spot to another.

For example, if you’re taking a quad ride with your friends, you will definitely carry some refreshment items. For this, you’ll need great storage inside your back seat. Consequently, you should search for sufficient storage capacity inside the ATV back seat that you will be considering as per your gear transportation needs.

Number Of Compartments

The number of compartments you should go for also depends upon your specific needs and requirements. If you go to spend some quality outdoor time with your friends and family very frequently you then should go with an increase of amount of compartments.

That is essential because you’ll need plenty of storage space to keep all of the goods in a single place. However, if you’re going for a small vacation or hunting then you can pack as light as possible. In this situation, you won’t need too many compartments. So, the choice is yours!

Durable Components

It is vital that the components found in the building of these back seats are extremely durable. They have to become strong and dependable. Low-quality materials will not last for long. Apart from wear and tear, these materials will also not bear the weight of anything that you will place inside or on them.

Best ATV Rear Seat In 2019 – 7 Reviews & Buying Guide

If you are planning to drive your ATV on differing terrains then components of the trunk seat will matter a whole lot. Low-quality materials will not bear the toll caused by the vibrations. Your contents will not stay safe. Hence, it is vital that you ought to search for high-quality components. The components have to withstand the toughest of circumstances.

Waterproof Style

Another essential consideration may be the waterproof style of an ATV back seat. Comparable to road circumstances you shouldn’t end up being worrying about the current weather conditions when going out with your friends. Consequently, in addition to durability, the materials also need to become waterproof.

The last thing you need on your trip is definitely to have all your contents soaked up in rainwater. Your material need to be safe from those weighty downpours and waterproof design will help you with this. It will end up being a massive advantage and will supply you with a satisfaction.

Bottom line

The ATV back chair that comes from top within this roundup is normally Kolpin Helmet. This is actually the best ATV back seat on the market. It provides plenty of storage options and is made of highly durable materials. The rear seat is designed for all-terrain use and it can withstand varying weather conditions as well.

The best part … it comes at a very good price too. So we are talking about a total bundle here!

If you think that we have got missed from something then tell us by departing a comment below.

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