I’m someone that loves doing all of the automotive maintenance and upgrades to my own car that I can so I really hate when I have trouble accessing something underneath the vehicle.

Sometimes you can’t help but have to jack up the car like if you have to change a tire or something but other times I would just love a little bit more clearance when I’m on my back working on something that’s hard to reach.

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Sure, I use a car creeper in my garage but lately, I started to take a look at the different options for the best car ramps that I can use at home in my driveway or garage.

Car ramps are a great addition to the arsenal of any home mechanic and I wanted to write this post to share with anybody reading a few of my different recommendations when it comes to the best vehicle ramps that I stumbled across.

The Best Car Ramps 2019

When it comes time to do an oil change or just access the undercarriage of the front or the back of the car it can be quite tricky to do so.

Thankfully, car ramps make it easier to get underneath the car with plenty of clearance to work with.

These ramps take advantage of a simple and straightforward design where you basically just drive your car up and onto the ramp so that you’re able to access the area underneath between the tires without as much hindrance from lack of space and cramped working quarters.

There are quite a few different options available to choose from that are able to support vehicles of different weights and that are made from a variety of different materials.

I recommend double-checking the weight capacity of any of the ramps that you’re interested in to make sure that it’s able to hold your vehicle and make sure to take a look at the overall construction to see what it’s made from and if it seems durable.

Here are a few of the different ramps that I recommend checking out.

Nicky Nice Solid Steel Auto Ramp Set

Nicky Nice Solid Steel Auto Ramp Set
  • 6500 lb. gross vehicle weight (2000 lb. each ramp)
  • Durable powder coat finish
  • Raised safety ribs on sides, punched and extruded traction holes on...
  • 35 in. long
  • Dimmension: 35 x 13 x 9 inches

Whenever I’m using anything to elevate my car off the ground I like using the sturdiest materials that I can find and because of its steel design it’s the Nicky Nice Solid Steel Auto Ramp Set that’s one of my top recommendations.

Each of these ramps has a weight capacity of 2000 pounds with a total gross vehicle weight capacity of 6500 pounds.

Keep in mind that the entire weight of your vehicle isn’t going to be placed on these ramps but it’s a good idea to avoid exceeding the gross vehicle weight regardless of whether or not you think that this set will be able to support a heavier vehicle.

On the incline of the ramp there are raised safety ribs that helped to guide the wheels up as they’re moving forward and the traction holes help to offer some more grip for the tires while you’re trying to position your vehicle.

This is a steel set so I find them to be quite durable and well-built and when it comes to storage capabilities it’s possible to stack these ramps into one another so that they don’t take up as much space in the garage or shed.

Keep in mind that with a jack you’ll be able to get the car higher off the ground but only on one side, which is great if you need to change a tire or work on the wheel, but if you’re working on something underneath the car then I would recommend checking out this ramp set so that you can enjoy some extra clearance and working space.

One little drawback is that although this set is quite short and portable it also means that the ramp offers a little bit of a higher incline so cars with a low front bumper might have some difficulty getting up and onto the ramp, although I didn’t experience any problems with my Volvo.

Race Ramps RR-40

Race Ramps RR-40 Service Sports Ramps (Pack of 2)
  • Service, maintain or display your sports car, low profile car, or...
  • 16.7-Degree angle of approach; fits tires up to 8" W
  • Easy to transport, use, and store; ramps won't transfer heat or cold,...
  • 1,500 lb. Weight capacity per ramp
  • 100% Solid lightweight high-density foam with traction coating

The Race Ramps RR-40 are a pair of 40 inch sport ramps and are designed specifically with sports car enthusiasts in mind that want to be able to work on their cars even with low clearance.

These ramps can handle tires that are up to 8 inches in width and offers approximately 7 inches of lift so that you’re able to enjoy more access to those hard-to-reach areas underneath a performance vehicle.

This is a 40 inch ramp and if you have a bigger or lower car then I would recommend checking out some of the other bigger ramps from Racr Ramps.

This set takes advantage of a durable and solid core design that helps to keep your vehicle positioned above the ground without the need for any jacks or hoists.

They’re lightweight, so it’s easy to take the ramps down out of the garage or any storage area and carry them to where your car is ready to be raised and they’re designed so that they won’t slide, sleep, or scoot along the floor when you’re trying to get the car on to them.

For even easier maneuverability each of the ramps has a strap at the end so that it can be positioned and adjusted depending on where you need it.

The main drawback, which is quite common with automotive ramps, is that those with very low cars might find an issue with clearance and if that’s the case I’d recommend checking out a longer ramp with a less steep incline.

Scepter 08226 Plastic Automotive Ramp Set

Scepter 08226 Plastic Automotive Ramp Set - 2 Piece
  • Core parabolic arch runs through center of ramp to support and...
  • 12,000 pound weight limit per set
  • Grid design allows water, snow and dirt to fall through for all...
  • 9.8 inch X 35 inch
  • Lightweight yet sturdy

The Scepter 08226 Plastic Automotive Ramp Set are a pair of plastic ramps that offer a total weight limit of 12000 pounds when they’re used together and take advantage of a lightweight, plastic design.

One interesting feature that I really like about this set is that it utilizes a parabolic arch in the core that runs right through the middle of the ramp that helps to offer support and evenly distribute the weight that’s placed on the surface.

Like I mentioned, they’re made from plastic, which makes the lightweight and easy to maneuver around whether you need to take them out of storage or position them in front of your car.

These also have an interesting gr >snow , water, oils, and just about anything else to fall through the grid so that it doesn’t collect any of the small spaces and cause damage and this makes it suitable to use throughout the year even if it’s snowing or raining outside.

Anyone looking to do their own oil changes at home, clean underneath the front or rear of the vehicle, or do some regular maintenance in those hard-to-reach areas, it’s the Scepter 08226 Plastic Automotive Ramp Set that I would recommend checking out.

Rage Powersports Aluminum Service Ramps

Black Widow BW-10812-2 Aluminum 9' Folding ATV Ramps
  • Dual runner loading ramps for ATVs, lawn tractors, and garden...
  • Measures 9' L x 12" W; maximum 1,200 lb weight capacity; folds to...
  • Arched for maximum engine and tailpipe clearance; folds in half for...
  • Serrated rungs for superior traction spaced 3" apart; plate-style...
  • High-strength, lightweight aluminum construction

The Rage Powersports Aluminum Service Ramps are designed to be used with pickup trucks and they can also be used for normal trucks, SUVs, and any other heavy duty lifted vehicles.

This set offers a 7000 pound axle capacity rating so you want to keep that in mind if you’re going to be driving your large truck or vehicle up onto these ramps and the ramp itself takes advantage of a 16 inch wide cross rung design that’s well suited for trucks with larger tires.

There aren’t any edge supports but there is a flat plate wheel stop at the end of the ramp that prevents the wheels from continuing forward and over the ramp.

The pair is quite heavy at 64 pounds in weight, but they’re designed from a heavy duty aluminum and this means they won’t rust from weathering and are suitable to use in all weather conditions.

I would recommend checking out the Rage Powersports Aluminum Service Ramps if you’re looking for a solidly built ramp to use with a big vehicle.

RhinoGear 11912ABMI RhinoRamps

RhinoGear 11912 RhinoRamps MAX Vehicle Ramps - Set of 2...
  • Portable automotive pair of ramps constructed with a rugged and...
  • Provides reliable and convenient access to the underside of your...
  • CoreTRAC non-skid base and tread pattern helps reduce slippage
  • 17 degree incline provides easy use for low clearance vehicles
  • 16,000 pound GVW (gross vehicle weight) capacity

The RhinoGear 11912ABMI RhinoRamps offer a gross vehicle weight capacity of 16000 pounds and are designed with a 17 degree incline that’s well suited for vehicles with low clearance.

This set is equipped with a non-skid base that helps to keep the ramps in place while they’re being used by reducing slipping and sliding and they’re designed using a resin hard plastic material that keeps them lightweight and easy to maneuver.

The ramp part itself is quite wide which is great when it comes to confidence for those that have issues driving their vehicle up onto this ramp and also makes it a suitable choice for any cars or vehicles with wider wheels.

When it comes to storage these can be nested together to take up less space, although they’re still quite big and you’ll definitely want to store them in the garage, shed, or basement when you’re not using them.

How to Choose the Best Car Ramps

When choosing a car ramp, you need to consider some factors so you buy a ramp that best suits your needs. They include:

  • The type of vehicle you have
  • How high you actually need to go
  • What purpose the car ramps are going to serve you
  • Width of your car tires
  • Angle and height of the slope
  • Weight of the car ramp if you’re going to move them around more many times
  • Storage space

Making your decision about the car ramp you purchase should take into consideration the kind of vehicle you own, and what you need the ramp for. Some ramps will be designed primarily to move a car up to a higher platform, whereas others may be designed solely to lift the care nough to give you access to its underside.

Most ramps will work with most cars, but some vehicles that are low to the ground will require higher ramps. If you own a specialty vehicle, or a vehicle that is particularly heavy, you may have to look for very particular ramps.

Factors to Consider Best Car Ramp:

  •  The weight of car: car ramps often come with different weight ratings. If your car is considerably lighter, most ramps will work for you.  If you have a heavier car, it is best to find a car ramp that can accommodate such weight.
  • Inclination angle: it is important to examine the angle of lift.  Low cars require a low profile ramp which has a small angle of lift and the reverse is true for high vehicles. Choose the appropriate one for your car height.
  • Material: Find a car ramp that is built with high-quality material that supports durability, reliability, and portability.
  • Price: when buying a car ramp choose one that will serve you a long time even if it is a bit on the higher side, don’t settle for a cheap one that will need frequent replacement.


Go right ahead and choose one of these amazing car ramps always to have easy access to your car underside. These are the best car ramps on the market currently with sturdy construction and non-skid bases.