Michelin Premier A/S Review

What perform you anticipate from the business that has developed the removable wheel, the pneurail wheel, as well as the radial wheel? Absolute best, obviously. And that’s just what we anticipated through the Michelin Leading A/S, the “Safe and sound when new, secure when put on” tire, as the company claims. Has it lived up to your expectations? Discover out listed below.

Quick Summary

The Michelin Leading A/S wheels are All-Season wheels, created for coupe, sedans, and minivans. They make use of some fairly innovative and interesting features, including:

  • The EverGrip technology, which may be the fresh tread design which allows the wheel to keep up its higher level of grip throughout its lifetime;
  • Silica substance enhanced tread, which gives excellent wet hold;
  • Sunflower essential oil compound improved tread, which will keep the tire versatile at lower temps;
  • Remarkably even-blended components that help maintain wear-life.

Overall, the Michelin Leading A/S tire guarantees great stopping power and superb driving control in a variety of weather conditions, aswell for as long wear-life and even, quiet, luxurious ride.

Dry Performance

The Michelin Premier A/S tires provide excellent handling in dry conditions. They ride smoothly and have a great stopping grip, and perhaps most of all, their efficiency doesn’t change, even though worn. That is all because of the earlier mentioned EverGrip technology that features concealed grooves that emerge as the car tire wears. They offer superior managing in dried out and wet circumstances, so cornering is certainly tight and specific, driving is simple and stopping is certainly quick.

This all isn’t unexpected, as the Michelin Top A/S tire’s inner structure provides two metal belts that are strengthened with spirally covered polyamide cord together with a polyester casing ply. What this enables is an ideal blend of comfy and uniform trip on one aspect and easy managing and durability in the other.

Moist Efficiency

Alright, therefore the tires are excellent in dry conditions, but what about the rain and dangerous wet, slick surfaces? No worries, Michelin has got you covered even in rainstorms.

If there is one feature we had to pick as ‘the best’ when it comes to Michelin Premier A/S, it would be their overall performance in wet conditions. These tires have excellent grip on both dry and wet highways, thanks to their EverGrip tech.

  • Expanding and Hidden Grooves

We pointed out that this technology features hidden grooves that emerge as the wheel wears, but that’s actually just half of the story. The EverGrip tech allows the expanding rain grooves to widen and growing grooves, which are in the beginning hidden when the wheel is fresh, to open as the wheel wears, which isn’t just great news for maintaining grip long-term but for driving in damp conditions as well.

A couple of a lot more than 150 concealed rainfall grooves that emerge as enough time goes on as well as the car tire wears, which permit the car tire to become as super-efficacious at preserving wet traction force throughout its life time. And unlike most auto tires whose rainfall grooves eliminate depth as time passes, and for that reason of the energy to funnel apart drinking water from the car tire, the Michelin Top A/S tires possess expanding rain grooves, which are positioned uniquely to allow long-term utilization. They are located round the circumference of the wheel and have a special geometric shape that gets wider as the tread wears. The result? Excellent ability to evacuate water even as the grooves inevitably lose depth over time.

  • High-traction Plastic Compound

Those unique rubber compounds we described in Quick Review? They too assist in the tire’s moist grip.

The EverGrip silicone compound is manufactured with extreme levels of silica and sunflower essential oil, which jointly make an ideal blend of power and versatility. The silica offers a bonding power and a fantastic wet grasp for everyday managing. This enables the car tire to maintain its high traction power actually in really damp conditions. As for the sunflower oil, it’s there to help with the tire’s flexibility in lower temps and to increase its hold on wet highways.

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The mixture of these elements is also supposed to help keep the tire’s performance consistent on wet and dry roads throughout its entire lifetime.

Snow & Ice Performance

As most of you already know, all season tires are not ideal for extreme winter conditions. Heavy snow and dark ice are unstable and almost every solitary all-season tire isn’t up to the people challenges. Winter highways and intense cold trigger the tread plastic of ‘regular’ wheels to stiffen and be less in a position to offer sufficient traction. Because of this, all season tires cannot provide the same amount of grip and sharp handling during winter months as they can during fall, spring and summer.

Saying that the Michelin Premier A/S does fare well on snow, even though it’s not designed for use in heavy winter. In light to moderate winter conditions, such as for example light snow, cool, but not incredibly cold temperatures, plus some snow, the Michelin Leading A/S drives easily and easily and offers great preventing power. That is because of its EverGrip technology and silica and sunflower essential oil compounds which permit the tires to remain strong and steady on glaciers, but also versatile enough to take care of winter and loaded snow.

The tire’s outer structure, its many sipes and tread blocks, also help as they act as biting edges to slice through the snow. And the inner structure of the tire plays a role too – twin steel belts with a polyester body help reinforce the tire and allow for great handling and stopping power.

auto tires

Still, when it comes to severe snow and ice, it’s best to stick to winter tires, as they’re specifically designed for winter conditions and are very much safer.

Sound & Ease and comfort

If you’re buying comfortable and simple ride, then your Michelin Top A/S auto tires are for you personally. Because of the tire’s exclusive rubber compounds, consistently blended materials, aswell as its inner and external style, the Michelin Top A/S tire offers a really smooth trip. Bumps on the highway? No issue, you’ll barely experience them with these auto tires. This is mainly because of the silica and sunflower essential oil in the silicone, as these components greatly contribute to the impact absorbing tread.

But there is another feature that makes these wheels ultra-comfortable, which the manufacturer calls the Comfort and ease Control Technology. This feature reduces road noise and vibrations and offers a smooth, cozy and mostly peaceful ride.

Did we just say mostly peaceful? Yes, because some drivers possess reported the wheels are exceptionally peaceful during the 1st year or two, but after that, they do seem to increase their level of noisiness. However, it’s important to remember that this mainly depends on how you get, how you maintain your auto tires, aswell as the grade of the streets you mainly get on.

Overall, these auto tires are tranquil and provide an extremely comfortable, smooth trip, so long as you keep them correctly balanced.

Tread Lifestyle & Guarantee

Using a tread guarantee of 60,000 mls or 6 years, and car tire uniformity assured for the initial year, these wheels are built to last. Tread design is made to evolve as it wears to maintain grip and grip. This is feasible because of the EverGrip technology that Michelin uses. You may already know, treadwear is completely inevitable with fresh tires – the greater you travel them, the greater treadwear you may expect. But Michelin Leading A/S sticks out right here as the look enables fresh grooves, that are primarily concealed, to emerge as the wheel wears, effectively keeping grip and braking efficiency through the entire tire’s entire life time. In fact, relating to ConsumerReports.org, the 60,000-mile treadwear guarantee can easily be exceeded, and they give their own treadwear estimate of a whopping 85,000 miles.

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But that’s all theory-what about the practice?

It appears that drivers have mixed feelings about the tread wear of the Michelin Premier A/S. According to many consumer reports and reviews, these tires are not the most long-lasting tires out there. Drivers complain about short tread wear, which is, according to some, much less than 60,000 miles. Even though we’re sure many motorists really do encounter abnormally brief tread put on, it’s vital that you always consider three issues when you encounter such complaints:

  • Are the drivers keeping their tires properly inflated?
  • Are they balancing their tires?
  • How are they driving, and where are they driving?

Unfortunately, many people are not aware of the importance of proper tire inflation and balance. Insufficient or inconsistent tire pressure, as well as improper balance, can ruin also the best auto tires in the globe actually quickly. To maintain your auto tires as brand-new as easy for so long as feasible, be sure you have your auto tires balanced correctly and frequently.

When all’s stated and completed, the Michelin Top A/S have a good tread use with an excellent warranty. With regards to numbers, you can expect anywhere around 40,000 to 80,000 miles and up from these tires.


As we mentioned at the beginning of this review, the Michelin Premier A/S is designed for coupe cars, sedans, and minivans. Because it’s such a popular tire, it’s not hard to get the correct size. This is a list of several vehicles the fact that Michelin Top A/S fits. Perform be aware that this isn’t an entire list at all.

  • Toyota: Camry, Sienna, Tacoma, Corolla, Prius, Echo
  • Buick: Lesabre, Lucerne, Hundred years
  • Ford: Taurus, Mustang, Windstar, Ranger, Crown Victoria
  • Nissan: Sentra, Altima, Maxima, Rogue
  • Chevrolet: Impala, Cavalier, Business, Malibu
  • Honda: Civic, Odyssey, Accord, CR-V
  • Chrysler: Sebring, PT Cruiser, Town and Country
  • Mercury: Villager, Mystique, Grand Marquius
  • Hyundai: Sonata, Accent
  • Dodge: Grand Caravan, Neon
  • Pontiac: Torrent, Montana, Vibe, Bonneville, Grand Am, Trans Sport
  • Saturn: LW1, SL2
  • Kia: Amanti
  • Plymouth: Voyager
  • Subaru: Outback

As for car tire size, it runs from 15” to 19”. They are the sizes obtainable, according to TireSize.com.

185/65R15 88H SL BSW

195/55R15 85V SL BSW

195/60R15 88H SL BSW

195/65R15 91H SL BSW

205/60R15 91H SL BSW

205/65R15 94H SL BSW

185/55R16 83H SL BSW

195/55R16 87V SL BSW

195/60R16 89H SL BSW

205/50R16 87V SL BSW

205/55R16 91H SL BSW

205/55R16 91V SL BSW

205/60R16 92H SL BSW

205/60R16 92V SL BSW

205/65R16 95H SL BSW

215/55R16 93H SL BSW

215/60R16 95V SL BSW

215/60R16 95H SL BSW

225/55R16 95H SL BSW

225/55R16 95V SL BSW

225/60R16 98H SL BSW

225/65R16 100H SL BSW

235/60R16 100H SL BSW

235/65R16 103H SL BSW

205/45R17 84V SL BSW

205/50R17 93H XL BSW

205/50R17 93V XL BSW

215/45R17 87V SL BSW

215/45R17 87H SL BSW

215/50R17 91H SL BSW

215/50R17 95V XL BSW

215/55R17 94V SL BSW

215/55R17 94H SL BSW

215/60R17 96H SL BSW

225/45R17 91H SL BSW

225/45R17 91V SL BSW

225/50R17 94V SL BSW

225/50R17 94H SL BSW

225/55R1797H SL BSW

225/55R17 97V SL BSW

225/60R17 99H SL BSW

235/45R17 94V SL BSW

235/45R17 94H SL BSW

235/50R17 96H SL BSW

235/55R17 99H SL BSW

245/45R17 95H SL BSW

245/50R17 99V SL BSW

215/55R18 95H SL BSW

225/45R18 91V SL BSW

225/50R18 95H SL BSW

225/55R18 98H SL BSW

225/60R18 100H SL BSW

235/45R18 94V SL BSW

235/45R18 94H SL BSW

235/55R18 100V SL BSW

235/60R18 103H SL BSW

245/45R18 100V XL BSW

245/45R19 98V SL BSW

Obviously, there’s more to purchasing a tire than simply how big is the rim, therefore it’s vital that you know everything of your automobile and tire sizes. However, considering this is such a popular tire, we have no doubt you’ll be able to find the right Michelin Leading A/S for your vehicle.

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Are Michelin Leading A/S the right Tires For Me?

Now that we’ve covered all the important info about the Michelin Top A/S auto tires, you should experience well informed about your decision to get or not really get them. If not really, have no dread – within this section, we concentrate on some of the most important aspects of the Michelin Leading A/S wheels and whether or not they’re the right tires for you.

  • Do you need all-season wheels?

If you’re looking for durable, all-season auto tires that perform equally well on moist roads (if not really better) because they perform on dry streets, then Michelin Top A/S could be the ideal auto tires for you personally. These auto tires brake smartly because they possess excellent, long-lasting moist grip and stop shorter on damp highways than leading rivals, even when half-worn. You will be cornering and stopping confidently with these tires in dry, wet and even snowy conditions. Yes, the Michelin Premier A/S has great traction even in light snow and ice. However, bear in mind that these are not winter tires, so if you live in areas that are particularly cold and snowy, you may skip these and choose regular winter wheels.

  • Are convenience and quiet remarkably vital that you you?

If you’re about the convenience, then these wheels are the correct choice. They possess a Convenience Control Technology, which decreases road sound and vibrations, supplying a smooth, luxurious ride. Significantly, tiny bumps on the highway will barely become felt using the Michelin Leading A/S tires, because they feel like they’re gliding on the road.

When it comes to a quiet ride, these tires are decent. They’re not the quietest tires on the road, as they do make some noise from time to time when rolling over not-so-great concrete, but they are, in general, rather quiet and comfy. It’s no wonder really, as they’re marketed as ‘luxury performance touring’ wheels.

  • Perform you will need extra-durable wheels?

Theoretically, the Michelin Leading A/S wheels are highly durable, with long tread life and a warranty that displays that – 60,000 miles or 6 years. They feature the EverGrip technology, which allows new grooves to emerge as the aged ones wear out. This prolongs the grip and traction overall performance of the tire immensely and ensures it’s “safe when brand-new, safe when put on”. Also, huge amounts of silica and sunflower essential oil in the silicone compound ensure exceptional wet grasp and versatility in lower temperature ranges, as well for as long wear-life and gasoline efficiency.

Nevertheless, some reading user reviews color a different picture. However the tread life is meant to be longer, you don’t need to drill down deep to find reviews reporting a rather poor tread life, with around half of the warranted mileage causing excessive wear and tear.

But, as we already mentioned, driver behavior plays a huge role here. If you’re a careful and sensible driver who regularly makes sure his or her tires are properly balanced and inflated, there’s really no reason these tires should have a poor tread life. In most cases, it ought to be easy to obtain 60,000 mls from the Michelin Top A/S auto tires – or even more. In fact, as possible read within the Tread Lifestyle & Warranty portion of this review, the ConsumerReports.org gave these auto tires an increased treadwear estimation – an extraordinary 85,000 mls.

So eventually, with regards to treading existence, it matters greatly how and where you travel your car. Our advice? If you know you’re a great, responsible drivers, the Micheline Top A/S tires will be the correct choice. In cases like this, the tires could even shock you and go beyond their warranted mileage.

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