The Best Car Ramps

Raising your vehicle from the bottom with a few ins can make all of the difference when servicing your car. Top quality car ramps could be useful for essential oil changes or various other car maintenance and is a lot cheaper than your regular garage area car lift.

The very best car ramps will be the Competition Ramps Car Ramp Package , with a competition ramp, Xtender and steering wheel chock that's highly regarded by professional technicians worldwide.

Car ramps will come in different styles from durable to low profile aswell as different components found in the structure. You should select a ramp suitable for your vehicles pounds otherwise you might cause additional stress to the ramps.

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Best Auto Ramps For Cars & Trucks

Car ramps are the best alternative when compared to the more expensive 2 and 4 post garage area car lift . You won't get the height of a lift but the additional lift you get from the car ramps ensures you have enough room to perform automotive tasks.

You can have the best floor jack on the market but there will still be the worry of it become unstable. Therefore, many mechanics will upgrade their car jacks with an excellent car ramp for extra safety whilst within the vehicle.

On this issue of basic safety, most car ramp sets should include steering wheel chocks that make sure your car won't roll whilst in the ramp. Below is certainly a summary of the greatest car ramps which will lift the majority of vehicles and allow you to perform a number of tasks in safety.

Race Ramps Low Profile Car Ramps

Race Ramps produce a huge range of car ramps for a range of vehicles and are very popular across the US . If you have a sports or lowered car, we highly recommend that you get the additional package since it makes obtaining on the ramp in an easier way.

With regards to the top features of the Competition Ramps Package , they consist of:


  • Strong and lightweight construction
  • Lift cars by 10 inches
  • Ideal for 12 in . wide wheels
  • 3,000 Pounds weight capability
  • 10.8 or 6.6 degree angle of approach
  • No razor-sharp edges
  • Non skid via the polyurea layer
  • High denseness extended polystrene foam


The entire car ramp package by Competition Ramps carries a couple of ramps, couple of “Xtenders” and four plastic wheel chocks. That is all you need to fill a variety of automobiles onto the ramps securely. The “Xtender’s” enter into play when you have a lower life expectancy car or sports vehicle. It decreases the position (6.6 levels) to help to make it better to get onto the ramp without causing any damage.

Overall, the Race Ramps kit is expensive but a worthwhile investment to those that regularly lift their car. It is the best low profile car ramp and is very lightweight yet highly durable to withstand years of use.

Rage Powersports ML-1066 Metal Car Ramps

If you are not confident that the plastic or hardened rubber ramps will hold your car, Rage Powersports offer an all aluminum construction . Many mechanics will argue that metallic car ramps are more durable plus they generally choose them.


Top features of the Trend Powersports ML-1066 consist of:

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  • 11.5 degree angle of approach
  • 100% light weight aluminum construction
  • Raised side-rails for helping tires stay right
  • 66 in . long
  • Weight capacity of 3,000 LBS
  • Provides 7 inches of lift
  • Suitable for 14 inch wide tires


With the longer and wider design, these metal car ramps are ideal for larger vehicles such as SUV’s and trucks. Overall the Rage Powersports ML-1066 Car Support Ramp is a great all aluminum alternative and is the best heavy duty car ramp.

RhinoGear 11909ABMI Vehicle Ramp

Rhino Gear produce a range of tough automotive items and these ramps follow that popularity. For instance, these car ramps have the ability to keep a gross automobile pounds of 12,000 Pounds, which is certainly highly impressive taking into consideration its low priced.

Various other features and specifications of the Rhino Gear Car Ramps include:


  • CoreTRAC non-skid base
  • Certified resin construction
  • Non-skid tread pattern for extra grip
  • 17 degree incline
  • 12,000 GVW
  • Lifts vehicles to 6.5 inches
  • Ramp length is 22 inches long
  • Can combine both ramps together for storage


As mentioned above, the structure of the car ramps is normally resin. Nevertheless, these have already been examined and shown to be as solid as metal and fits the P.A.L.D (Portable Automotive Lifting Device) requirements for peace of mind.

Overall, they are the best cheap car ramps that'll be suitable for a range of vehicles with the large GVW rating and wide design.

Nicky Good Solid Steel Car Ramps

The Nicky Nice auto ramps are made of steel and so are pretty compact at only 35 inches longer in comparison with alternatives. The look also differs since it uses extruded grip holes offering superior grasp when loading your automobile about it.

Other top features of the Nicky Fine Steel Car Ramps include:


  • Weight capacity of 6,500 LBS
  • Heavy gauge stamp steel building
  • 35 in . long ramps
  • Raised side rails to help steer onto the ramp
  • Suitable for 9 in . wide wheels.
  • Durable powder coated end


These steel car ramps are very much cheaper in comparison to Trend Powersports aluminum alternative and can deal with more weight as well. The just criticism may be the fact they may be smaller and could become harder to fill the automobile onto weighed against the Rage Powersports.

Overall they are the best cheap steel car ramps for the money and matched with wheel chocks, they can be made even better.

OTC 5268 20-Ton Capacity Truck Ramp

In terms of a heavy duty and high capacity ramp, the OTC 5268 is usually a 20 Ton truck ramp for professional mechanics working on heavy vehicles. These are not your average car ramps and so are fairly costly but an advisable investment for all those working on vehicles regularly.

Top features of OTC 5268 vehicle ramps consist of:


  • T-handle for easy maneuverability from the ramps
  • Ideal for 10 inches wide auto tires
  • Weight capacity of 20 lots
  • Heavy duty rubber wheels
  • Non-skid rubber matting for extra grip
  • 10 inches of lift
  • Lifetime warranty
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Overall, these are heavy duty truck support ramps that are expensive but the specs speak for themselves. If you are a mechanic or have large and heavy vehicles, these vehicle ramps will be the best option to your account.

Car Ramps Buying Instruction

With regards to an automobile ramp that's holding your automobile in the surroundings, your life is certainly in jeopardy since it could fail. As a result, its vital that you buy a car ramp that's ideal for your vehicle with regards to weight capability and car tire width.

Car ramps generally include in a variety of different designs and materials used within the building. Popular materials used are steel, aluminium, resin and additional durable materials.

They have a range of uses that include performing a simple oil switch to be used within showrooms. To help you make an informed buying decision, we have created a detailed buying guidebook that covers all aspects of car ramps.

your vehicle

Weight Capacity

Before purchasing a car ramp, you need to measure the axle fat of your vehicle, which is normally the heaviest at the front end. Every one of the suggested car ramps above possess their axle fat listed, where each is suitable for the common car.

Some car ramps make use of single axis rankings instead of GVW (Gross Automobile Fat), which are often noted. Remember to never overload the ramp because your daily life depends upon the ramp keeping the weight when you are underneath.

Steering wheel Width & Steering wheel Chocks

In the event that you personal a sports vehicle with wide tires, be very careful on the steering wheel width ratings. Nearly all car ramps appeal to all passenger vehicles using the OTC ramp graded for very much wider tires from vehicles.

Once you've your vehicle packed onto the ramp, protection is something you intend to guarantee is paramount. Steering wheel chocks will be the best type of safety as they ensure your car doesn’t roll on the car ramp. We strongly recommend buying a set of wheel chocks if they do not already come with the car ramp kit.

Ramp Surfaces

You will notice that all of the recommended car ramps include either serrated or punch plated ramp surfaces. The purpose is usually to ensure the car has ideal traction when launching and off launching.

For all those that induce homemade car ramps, they'll most probably utilize a empty of wood without traction features, signifying its virtually difficult to load properly.

your vehicle

Position of Strategy

Don't assume all car ramp will end up being suitable for your vehicle as surface clearance is definitely an issue. In the event that you own a minimal car, selecting low profile car ramps are strongly suggested and will secure you a lot of hassle trying to load your vehicle each time.

As a rough approximation, below 10 degrees would be recommended if you class your vehicle as low. If your car long, ground clearance may still be an issue as you may end up scratching the undercarriage as you drive onto the ramp.

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Car Ramp Safety

Although car ramps are far safer than the alternative car jack stands , it is still essential that to consider protection precautions. The most obvious protection tip is certainly that you assure the ramp is positioned upon a well balanced surface area because as the automobile is loaded, it might possibly fall over as well as break. It requires to be properly positioned on a well balanced surface without greater than a 5 level incline to create it easy to operate a vehicle onto the ramp.

Once you've loaded your automobile onto the automobile ramps, you should make sure the brake is definitely securely locked on . Putting the car in gear with the handbrake engaged is essential and prevents the vehicle from rolling backwards off the ramps. For further safety, we highly recommend placing wheel chocks behind the rear wheels being a backup in the event the brakes fail.

Loading Automobile Onto Ramp

To avoid any harm to both car and the automobile ramps, its essential that you insert your vehicle properly. In the first place, have the tires pointing straight and glide the ramps against leading tires and guarantee they are centered with the wheel. Repeat this for both of the ramps and ensure that the surface is definitely stable.

Once situated correctly, simply travel ahead onto the ramp until you have reached the edge. Most car ramps have a bump, which helps indicate you have located the wheels properly. In this stage, it certainly helps to possess another person viewing you get onto the ramp.

Finally, once packed and positioned properly, you should put the automobile in recreation area (or in equipment for manual) and employ the handbrake . If your auto ramps come with wheel chocks, place them behind the back wheel.

Car ramps are fairly easy to use and the most important thing is that they are situated correctly and are suitable for the excess weight of your vehicle. Watch this video tutorial for safely loading your vehicle onto the ramps.

your vehicle

Construction of the Ramps

Thanks to the advancements in technology, plastics, molded foam, resin and comparable materials are being used within the design of car ramps. They are able to handle huge amounts of pounds that act like metal car ramps but with the advantages of being more light-weight. Choosing between your materials is certainly a matter of choice but many specialists will choose the steel or light weight aluminum ramps.

Bottom line

For all those that do not have a car lift and want additional safety over using car jacks and jack stands, then car ramps are the best option. Not only are they easier to use but they are more stable, which adds to the overall safety when working underneath your automobile.

Our recommendations provide exceptional compatibility with a variety of cars. That is because of wide tire monitors, low position of strategy and large fat capacities.

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