The Best Dash Covers (Review & Buying Guide)

DashSkin Molded Dash Cover

DashSkin Ebony Molded Dash Cover

AutofitPro Custom Fit Dashboard Mat

Looking for a quick and affordable way to update your vehicle’s interior design? Dashboard addresses can do this for you. Not just that, but they may also help shield your dash construction against sun harm, temperature, dirt and scrapes, prolonging its existence and saving you money long-term.

To assist you look for a quality dash protector that provides some personal design to your ride’s interior, we’ve put together a summary of 8 greatest dash covers which come in a number of components, colors and designs. Read on to get the correct one for your vehicle today.


Shaped of long lasting and UV-resistant Ab muscles plastic so that it fits over your vehicle’s existing dashboard perfectly, this dash cover by DashSkin protects your vehicle against UV rays while concealing any existing cracks and holes. It’s molded to blend right with the existing dashboard, provided you choose the right color and install it as instructed, supplying a seamless and smooth look. Speaking of colors, a couple of three obtainable: Agate which really is a extremely dark grey, nearly black, Mist Grey which really is a medium grey, and Camel which is a warm light brown.

The cover is usually pretty easy to install as it comes with a silicone adhesive and an intensive instruction information. No special equipment are required – all you have to do is usually mount it over your existing dash configuration properly an set it set up using the adhesive. The merchandise is warranted forever against break down and UV harm, so once you arranged it, you’re covered for life.

Rigid Abdominal muscles plastic

Molded to the shape of your dashboard

3 color options

  • Brand DashSkin
  • Model 9801DR-Mist Grey

Designed and made in the USA, this carpet dash cover by Angry Elephant perfectly protects your dashboard from harmful UV rays, and as a result, prevents fading and cracking. Every piece is laser-measured, custom-fit to a specific vehicle so a perfect fit is guaranteed. The dash mat is patterned to not interfere with your vehicle’s airbags and it’s kept set up by Velcro tabs, that can come with the merchandise itself.

How about the set up? Simple – a lot of Velcro pieces are provided, therefore all you have to to do can be match the mat on your own dash construction and protected it using the Velcro pieces. Although not necessary, you may want to allow cover sit right away or allow car sit down in sunlight for some time therefore everything can flatten out very well and evenly. Being a reward, the dashmat includes a lifetime guarantee from fading and fraying.

Floor covering dash cover

Laser-measured, custom made fit

Minimizes harmful windscreen glare

  • Brand Irritated Elephant
  • Fat 6.1 ounces

The original DashMat by Covercraft has been around since 1979 for a good reason – it’s durable, protective, good-looking and budget-friendly. This car dashboard cover is usually custom-patterned for a perfect fit so it’s easy to set it up to merge nicely together with your existing dash construction. Most importantly, it protects against sun damage, plus it conveniently covers imperfections as well as minor breaks and openings in older dashboards.

This sort of a dashmat will keep the inside of a car cooler in the summertime and warmer in the wintertime, so it’s perfect for those surviving in more extreme weather areas. As for the installation, it’s pretty easy since the cover comes with all the Velcro strips you need. Best of all? There are 11 color choices, from dark to grey to navy to beige, so it’s easy to find the carpet cover that complements the interior of your car. Also, it comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

Carpet dash cover, polyester fabric

Reduces windscreen glare

Limited life time warranty

11 color choices

  • Brand Covercraft
  • Model 1541-00-25
  • Pounds 1.4 pounds

Created from quality Velour, the dash cover by Chair Covers Unlimited is a superb choice if you’re looking for a stylish, old-school way to protect your dash construction and decrease that dangerous windscreen glare. The gentle and high-class fabric will defend your dash settings from Ultra violet rays, fading and breaking while providing an impression personal design as the addresses come in several colors, including dark, silver, crimson, tan, navy while others.

Perfect match and easy installation are ensured by using computer programmed trimming machines that custom-cut the dash cover for your precise vehicle. Of course, the cover is made to fit all the vents, detectors, airbags and additional features your car may have, so fitting shouldn’t be a issue. It also assists the product includes a self-adhesive Velcro and an eternity warranty on fading and shrinking.

Velour dash cover

Minimizes windscreen glare

9 color choices

  • Brand Chair Covers Unlimited
  • Pounds 2 pounds

Another custom made dash cover by Furious Elephant, that one too created from carpet however in a different color – charcoal or taupe grey. Like the earlier cover by Angry Elephant, that one can be designed and manufactured in the united states and custom lower to make sure a seamless match and set up. Like all carpet dash covers, this one too is a good choice if you want to protect your dashboard from fading and cracking while reducing hazardous windshield reflection.

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Each dash carpet piece is laser measured to fit a specific vehicle so all the sensors, vents, glass holders, etc., match right in, making sure easy match all-around. Talking about fitting, the set up takes about five minutes – the dash protector includes Velcro strips therefore all you need to do can be fit and protected it and you’re just about done. The product comes with a limited lifetime warranty which covers fraying and fading.

Carpeting dash cover

Laser-measured, custom fit

Reduces windshield glare

  • Brand Upset Elephant
  • Excess weight 1 pound

If your 07-14 GM pickup truck dashboard is in need of some serious fixing or maybe must be changed, don’t toss it away at this time. Instead, supply the DashSkin shaped dash cover a go – this shaped plastic material dash cover installs correct over your existing dash settings, safeguarding it while producing your entire automobile interior appear and feel like brand-new. This cover functions great also if large bits of your dashboard are missing, so as long as there is enough left within the edges of the configuration to support the cover, you’ll become good.

Made of rigid plastic material and vacuum-molded particularly to your vehicle’s dashboard, this cover mixes together with your existing interior seamlessly. In addition, it helps it will come in four different colours, including dark, cashmere, cocoa and dark titanium, therefore it’s easy to pick the merchandise that fits ideal in. Obviously, the product will a great job at protect the dash from UV rays, fading, chipping and cracking, so it’s a solid cover all-around. The installation takes less than 30 minutes and the cover comes with the silicone tube.

Rigid ABS plastic

3 color options

  • Brand DashSkin

Affordable, durable and stylish, the custom made suit dashboard by AutofitPro is a superb choice if you want comfortable, plush dashmats. The cover mat is constructed of a silicon sheet with anti-slip support on underneath and a soft, black fabric on top that not only offers 100% protection against harmful sun rays, but reduces dangerous windshield reflection as well. This sort of a dash mat cover also helps decrease the dashboard heat during hot weather, which makes traveling during those scorching sizzling summer months more bearable.

Because this is 1st and foremost a dashboard sunshield, the set up is super-easy. All you need to do is normally place the cover together with your dash settings and you’re performed – no adhesives or Velcro whitening strips needed. For the match, every piece is definitely laser-cut and custom-made to match the exact layout of the vehicle’s dashboard, so a proper and snug match is guaranteed.

Dashmat sunshield cover

Silicon sheet + fabric

A breeze installation

  • Brand AutofitPro
  • Fat 12 oz .

Another great quality mat dash cover by Chair Covers Unlimited, just that one for different automobile versions and from a different materials. Soft and clean, this suede dash cover gives a touch of class to any vehicle while reducing dangerous windscreen glare and safeguarding your dash from UV ray harm. Because of this, it’s superb at avoiding dashboard fading, breaking and warping, and yes it helps keep the inside appear clean and professional.

Each cover piece can be custom fitted using computer programmed cutting machines, so a perfect fit for your vehicle and its specific dashboard configuration is guaranteed. There are four colors to choose from, including black, gray, charcoal and taupe, so it’s easy to find the design that matches your existing automobile interior. For the set up, it’s a five-minute work as the merchandise includes self-adhesive Velcro that quickly secures and will keep the mat set up.

Suede dash cover

Reduces windscreen reflection

4 color choices

  • Brand Chair Addresses Unlimited
  • Weight 2 pounds

Best Dash Cover Buying Guide & FAQ

Finding the right dashboard protector for your vehicle is usually no easy task. From truck dash covers to car dash covers to plastic, carpet, Velour and suede, you will find hundreds of options out there. Which option is the best when it comes to security and which is better with regards to design? Furthermore, is investing in a dash cover actually more affordable than replacing your outdated and exhausted dash settings?

The answers to these and several other questions are available in our helpful little buying information. Right here, we cover all you need to know about dashboard covers, as well as how to find the best dash cover for your specific vehicle. And if you need more information than the buying lead provides? Our FAQ section should be able to answer any additional questions you may have, including what fabric and color is the best for your vehicle and how to prevent a dashboard cover from fading. Read on to find out how to buy a quality dash cover that matches your interior.

The Best Dash Covers (Review & Buying Guide)

Things to Consider When Buying a Dash Cover

To purchase a quality dash cover that not only protects your dashboard configuration but helps elevate or personalize the style of your vehicle interior, consider the following things.

Let’s start with the basics – since most dash covers are designed to fit particular vehicles, it’s essential to understand your ride’s make, model and yr. You don’t desire to invest hours buying perfect cover and then end up throwing away your cash by investing in a piece that doesn’t match your vehicle’s dashboard! Constantly start by taking a look at the cover’s style and if it’s appropriate for your specific automobile (inside our Best 8 list, you’ll discover this information best in the name of each product). Of course, there are universal models available that you can always have custom match to your dashboard construction, but since this route requires more time (and often more money) than just buying the best model from the bat, we don’t recommend it.

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Dash addresses can be found in different components, colors and designs. The simplest way to choose a cover which will complement your automobile interior is normally to find the one that matches with the prevailing interior style. For instance, in case your interior can be black, select a dark cover that blends right in; dark or dark grey plastic dashboard addresses would look good. If, alternatively, you’d prefer to freshen up your interior by bringing in some contrast, go for lighter covers such as grays or light browns; even a camo dash cover might work, especially if you’re a patio enthusiast! Regardless, it’s better to select custom dashboard addresses as they assure the best fit and therefore appearance.

  • Your preferences and spending budget

The main reason people purchase dash mats and custom made dash covers is certainly to safeguard their dashboards or to camouflage the existing damage and prolong the configuration’s life as much as possible. So, if you’re thinking about purchasing a dash cover being a preventative measure, great job – you imagine responsibly and can prolong the life span of your vehicle dashboard for years, if not decades. If, on the other hand, you’re looking to buy a cover to cover up the accumulated damage – no worries, you’re actually in almost all here because so many people start considering dash addresses once their dashboards already are significantly broken. Whether you’re in the prevention or camouflage group matters because it affects what kind of a dash cover you need. Preventative folks can afford to buy simple sunshield covers that are usually cheap, super-easy to set up and style. These kinds of car dash mats are often manufactured from a fabric that shields the dashboard against Ultra violet rays and it’s no problem finding the colour and materials that perfectly suits the prevailing interior.

But imagine if your dashboard can be significantly damaged plus some chunks are lacking? Instead of eliminating what’s remaining and investing in a totally new dashboard configuration, buy a quality rigid dashboard cover. Molded dash covers specifically are a great choice as they’re sturdy, durable and can be mounted even on very damaged dashboards, as long as there is enough material left on the edges to support the cover.

Finally, consider your own budget – it’s no magic formula that quality addresses cost way more if you’re thinking of buying something that can last you an eternity, anticipate to spend a little more money. Understand that nevertheless much you may spend on the cover, it’ll be cheaper than investing in a new dashboard itself.

Benefits of Utilizing a Dash Cover

All dashboards obtain damaged as time passes; even though you head to great measures to completely clean and safeguard your vehicle, some damage is unavoidable. Sunlight and heat cause the dash to fade, chip, warp and even crack and no matter how many protective formulas and cleaners you use, you simply cannot protect it from every hazard. But that’s why we have dash covers – an excellent dash cover will secure your dashboard against dangerous Ultra violet rays and temperature as well as stop dirt and scuff marks, while adding some personal design to your vehicle’s interior.

  • Sunshine Security

Ultra violet rays can cause great damage to your dashboard, including discoloration and cracking. Since it’s located directly under a windshield, your dashboard is usually exposed to daily sunlight attacks, no matter the season. And if you live in an area that gets a lot of sun throughout the year? All the best keeping that dashboard decent-looking also for a calendar year with out a cover. With an excellent dash cover or dashmat, alternatively, you’ll be able to keep your entire dashboard construction like-new for years to come. This is because most dash protectors are built of UV resistant materials which help protect the dashboard and prolong its existence.

  • Warmth Safety

Similarly to UV rays, warmth can damage your dashboard, especially if your home is in areas with scorching sizzling hot summers. Without proper insurance, a dashboard will get incredibly hot that leads to fading, warping and finally cracking. Not forgetting, a sizzling hot dashboard will considerably increase the heat range of the inside – not really a pleasurable driving knowledge during red-hot summer season days! A proper dash cover will become resistant to harsh sunlight and will therefore keep much of that warmth away from your deck, decreasing the temp of the entire interior.

  • Keeps Dashboard Dirt and Scuff Free

When dust, dirt and grime build up on your dashboard, the finish becomes faded and dull. Plus, bigger dirt particles could cause scuffs and scrapes, resulting in chipping and breaking. The ultimate way to shield your dashboard from dirt and scrapes is by using a dash cover – an excellent cover could keep your dash construction looking clean, nice and like-new for a long time, lengthening its existence and ultimately helping you save money.

  • Adds Personal Style
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Installing a dash cover can not only help you protect your dashboard but also put in a contact of personal design to your automobile interior. Fed up of the same kind of gray dash looking at you each day? Jazz up your trip by installing a brand new custom dash cover. It’s one of the most affordable but effective ways to brighten up your vehicle interior. Plus, a new dash cover will help cover up any existing dashboard harm, helping enhance the overall design of your interior.

The Best Dash Covers (Review & Buying Guide)

What Materials MUST I Select?

Dash addresses come in different styles and components, each with their own look and feel. Choose from the following materials to round out your interior style.

Dash protectors made of carpet are the most common and popular covers out there. It’s no wonder why – they add a warm and inviting contact to any automobile and given that they come in a variety of shades, it’s super-easy to choose the design that complements also the trickiest of interiors. In addition they help reduce light reflections.

If you like old-school car interiors, velour dashboard covers are for you. Soft and plush, velour covers possess a warm and comforting feel as well as that old-fashioned, cool look. They’re also quite durable and great at withstanding severe temperatures.

If you want some high end, suede dash addresses are the strategy to use. Soft, with an excellent sheen and exceptional feel that can last, suede addresses add high class to any vehicle. They also present excellent safety, are easy to clean and will last a very long time.

  • Molded Dash Cover

These dash covers are molded for each and every form and nuance a car may have and therefore, offer a soft and seamless appear that can go with the appearance of any interior. Becoming that they’re one-piece addresses, they cover up any existing damage perfectly, giving your vehicle a whole new face.

Dash Cover Installation Guide

Installing a new dash cover is a piece of cake, but a few tips and tricks never hurt.

  • Clean your existing dashboard : using a wet rag and ideally a dash cleaner, clean your complete dash configuration, eliminating any dirt, grime or dirt.
  • Test match the dash cover : your dash cover should match snugly over the complete dashboard so before you begin applying any adhesives, check match it – small tweaks and modifications may be required so make sure they are if necessary.
  • Apply the silicone/use Velcro : apply the silicone to the underside of the cover, only around the edges and vent holes. If using Velcro, cut the tape into 1-inch strips and place them at the front and back of your dashboard.
  • Place the cover dash: apply your brand-new dash cover towards the dashboard, you start with leading end – everything should match snugly and flawlessly which, based on your dash cover, may necessitate a small amount of wiggling or styling.

Greatest Dash Cover FAQ:

Q: What is a dash cover?

A: A dash cover is usually a protective and concealing cover for the dash configuration. By protecting your dashboard from sun and heat damage, a cover can prolong the life of your dashboard and result in a better-looking interior.

Q: Which fabric and color is most beneficial for my dash cover?

A: That is entirely determined by your preferences. If you want a seamless appear, molded dash addresses are your very best choice; if you’d like your vehicle to truly have a warm and inviting feel, floor covering dashmats are excellent; if old-school groove is definitely more of your point, velour dash covers are perfect.

Q: Will a dash mat interfere with my vehicle’s air flow hand bags?

A: Quality dash mats, especially if they’re custom fit, will not interfere with any features or add-ons in your vehicle, like the airbags. All of the dash addresses featured inside our Best 8 list were created not to hinder the airbags.

Q: How do you clean a dashboard cover?

A: With regards to the material of the dash cover, you may want to clean it with a particular dash cleaner, vacuum it or place clean it with tepid to warm water. Generally speaking though, the ultimate way to clean any dash cover is by using hot water and a rag as some chemical substances can adversely influence certain cover components.

Q: Will there be any way to avoid a dashboard cover from fading?

A: Many dashboard addresses are UV-treated to withstand fading, nevertheless, all dash addresses do eventually begin to fade. The ultimate way to decrease fading is by using covers together with sunshields.

The Best Dash Covers (Review & Buying Guide)

Our Top Pick

While all the dash protectors featured on our Top 8 list are great products, the best dash cover reward goes to DashSkin Molded Dash Cover . This one-piece cover gives a seamless, smooth look, elevating the style of any automobile interior. And since it’s manufactured from rigid ABS plastic material which can be UV-resistant, durability and quality can be guaranteed. Talking about which, the cover includes a life time guarantee against UV harm and breakdown this means it offers an excellent value for the price.

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