The Best Laser Measuring Tools (Review & Buying Guide)

Leica Geosystems DISTO E7400X

Have you ever seen a decorative piece inside a friend’s home and pondered to yourself, “How in the world did they manage to get it to become so specific? And moreover, why can’t I make stuff appear to be that in my own house?” It’s likely that, your friend didn’t make use of the old-school measurement methods, including tape actions and rulers. Instead, they used a laser measuring tool – probably the most accurate measurement method there is.

Before you start checking out laser meters though, it’s vital that you gain an over-all knowledge of different calculating modes and exactly how they function. For instance, did you know some versions can measure right down to 1/32 of the inch while some to ? of the in .? That some equipment can do computations for you while some cannot? You can find a lot of things to consider before investing in a laser beam meter. Fortunately, you’re in the proper place – right here, we not only talk about the best laser measuring tools on the market but also about all the important features of these superior measurement methods.

The Best Laser Measuring Tool

If you want a reliable laser beam distance measurer that provides probably the most accurate measurements feasible but don’t desire to spend a lot of money on such a tool, the Boshc GLM 35 may be the laser beam meter for you personally. With exact long-range measuring and simple, user-friendly design, this is the best laser measure on a budget.

The GLM 35 model boasts several useful functions, including area, distance, length, volume, and continuous measurement. Addititionally there is an addition/subtraction function which can be always welcome. For how lengthy this compact small laser measuring device can go, superb accuracy is guaranteed up to 120 ft. Speaking of, you may expect the tool to consistently measure to 1/16 of an inch, which is pretty amazing for a low-cost laser tool. Operating the tool is a piece of cake as only 1 switch activates the laser beam. It also assists the display can be backlit, allowing an individual to learn it actually in dark areas.

The Bosch laser beam measure comes with 2 AAA batteries and since it’s so compact it can easily be carried in a pocket. Perfect for both professionals and DIYers!

Measuring accuracy +/- 1/16”

Procedures up to 120 foot.

Functions consist of area, distance, duration, volume, continuous dimension and addition/subtraction

Remembers last 3 values

2 x AAA batteries included

  • Brand Bosch
  • Model GLM 35
  • Weight 6.6 oz

Bluetooth-enabled, super-accurate and able to constantly measure long ranges, the Leica Geosystems DISTO D2 is an excellent laser length meter, specifically for professionals.

The Leica laser beam measure comes with an ISO qualified measuring engine that ensures 1/16 inch accuracy and a whopping 330 feet measuring range. Importantly, also at such lengthy distances, the device remains precise. For its features, there may be the Min/Max which allows you to get the device into corners for precise diagonal measurements. Plus, area, volume and addition/subtraction function. But that’s not all – the D2 also remembers the last 10 measurements used and carries a Pythagoras function for indirect width or elevation measurements. Nevertheless, since that is a rather small device, it’s better to utilize the Pythagoras for quotes, not exact measurements. Using the tool is definitely super-easy and easy thanks to the Bluetooth technology which allows you to send measurements into apps working on smartphones.

The device uses two AAA 1.5V electric batteries which are contained in the package.

Measuring precision 1/16”

Methods up to 330 foot.

Functions consist of area, quantity, add/subtract, min/maximum, painter and Pythagoras function

Remembers 10 last ideals

2x AAA batteries included

  • Brand Leica Geosystems
  • Model 838725
  • Excess weight 4 oz

The DeWalt DW03050 is an accurate and easy laser measuring tool with a durable, water-resistant design. Having a bunch of useful features and an acceptable price, it’s a perfect tool for companies, electricians and various other professionals, aswell as DIYers.

The DeWalt laser beam measure tool immediately calculates region and volume, making your job infinitely less difficult. For indirect height measurements, the device uses Pythagoras function which is a welcome feature if target A and/or B is not accessible for linear dimension. The working range is normally up to 165 foot while the precision will go within 1/16 of the inches, or 1.5 mm. And if you want to check the previous few measurements you’ve taken? No worries, the DeWalt has a memory space unit for storing the last five measurements. Operating the device is simple and a 2-line backlit display helps improve visibility in both bright and dark conditions.

This laser meter offers an over-molded casing which ensures safety against water, dirt, and debris. Like the majority of products, it uses 2 AAA electric batteries.

Measuring precision +/- 1/16”

Actions up to 165 feet.

Functions include add/subtract, area, volume, Pythagoras

Remembers last 5 ideals

2-range backlit screen

2 x AAA batteries included

  • Brand DEWALT
  • Model DW03050
  • Weight 1.6 oz

With an accurate and long distance measuring range, you would never guess this laser measuring tool is indeed inexpensive. But don’t become misled by its good deal – this small device has a durable, water-resistant design and a bunch of useful features that are often only within higher-end versions.

The Tacklife HD60 procedures up to 196 ft with an precision right down to a 1/16 of the inch. Pretty neat for a laser measurer that costs less than $40! The device also provides volume and area calculations based on measured length, height, and width, meaning there’s no need for manual procedure with this device. The device also offers the energy of determining indirect Pythagorean dimension and includes a data storage space of 30 groupings. The just downside is the operation which is not super-intuitive. Thankfully, the tool comes with an instruction manual, so it’s not too hard to learn how to use it.

The Tacklife HD60 sports activities IP54 waterproof level, providing protection in a number of environmental circumstances. For the batteries, a couple of two AAA alkaline electric batteries included.

Measuring precision +/- 1/16”

Procedures up to 196 foot.

Functions include add/subtract, area, volume, Pythagoras

30 groups memory

Backlit LCD display

2 x AAA batteries included

  • Brand TACKLIFE
  • Model HD60
  • Excess weight 7.4 oz

If you’re looking for a reliable, user-friendly laser measurer but you’re on a tight budget, definitely check out the DBPower TD0425. This model has all the correct features, it’s extremely simple to use and most significantly, it won’t break your budget.

DBPower device methods up to 197 foot to within 1/13 of an inch, which is accurate plenty of even for professionals, let alone amateurs and DIYers. The tool has numerous useful features including automatic calculation of region, volume, as well as indirect Pythagoras dimension. Addititionally there is the least/maximum function which comes in useful when evaluating the longest and shortest distances from a fixed point. Operating this laser beam measurer is simple and intuitive as well as the display may be the backlight for elevated visibility in candlight areas. The downside is normally that it’s not really clearly visible in daylight conditions.

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This digital laser tape measure uses 3 AAA batteries which are included in the package.

Measuring accuracy +/- 1/13”

Actions up to 197 feet.

Functions include add/subtract, area, quantity, Pythagoras

Remembers up to 20 ideals (stores data backwards)

3 x AAA electric batteries included

  • Brand DBPOWER
  • Model TD0425
  • Fat 5.6 oz

Searching for a precise laser measuring device that’s inexpensive? You can’t fail with Bosch. This small laser measure is fantastic for folks who focus on a whole lot of tasks throughout the house as it provides accurate measurements and is easy to use.

With a measuring distance of 65 feet and precision within 1/8 in ., the Bosch GLM 20 may be the obvious choice for people on a spending budget. The tool actions in feet, ins and meters just or inches just and has an auto-shutoff feature, meaning it turns itself off after 5 minutes to save energy. And because there is only one button, the tool is also super-simple to use – one press makes these devices get into real-time dimension setting, two presses contain the dimension. Since that is an inexpensive item, it doesn’t arrive as a surprise that there are no extra features. But, if you’re a typical DIYer, it’s likely you won’t need them anyway.

The Bosch GLM 20 uses 2 AAA batteries which come with the tool.

Measuring precision +/- 1/8”

Procedures up to 65 feet.

Real-time range measuring

2 x AAA electric batteries included

  • Brand Bosch
  • Model GLM 20
  • Pounds 3.2 oz

Inexpensive but accurate and flexible, the Morpilot laser beam tape measure is a great tool for both professionals and amateurs. There are plenty of helpful features plus a few goodies that come with the device – it’s a good deal, specifically for DIYers!

The Morpilot uses two bubble amounts to give even more measurement precision. Talking about which, it’s accurate slightly below 2mm and will measure up to 196 feet. Like most of the laser devices, it allows you to easily switch between feet, inches, and meters, based on your needs. For it features it sports activities, there are various useful types- it offers distance, area, quantity, and Pythagorean dimension and there is certainly even the Min/Max function. Another useful feature is the auto-shut off, which means that if you forget to turn off the measurer, it will do so itself after 150s. Operating the device is certainly pretty basic as the look is intuitive. Being a bonus, the merchandise posseses an improvement target credit card and glasses that are helpful for viewing red-beam lasers in daylight.

The Morpilot uses two 1.5V AAA batteries which come with the product.

Measuring accuracy just under 2 mm

Steps up to 196 ft.

Functions include add/subtract, area, volume, Pythagoras, min/potential

30 groupings memory

Laser focus on card, enhancing eyeglasses and 2 x AAA electric batteries included

  • Brand Morpilot
  • Model HM60
  • Fat 10.7 oz

If you’re looking for the ultimate long-distance laser measuring tool that has several helpful features, the new Leica Geosystems DISTO X series, as well as the E7400X model, specifically, is worth looking into. With a long lasting design and actually more than a dozen functions, the Leica laser measure tool is ideal for professionals.

The device actions up to 395 ft with 1/16 inches accuracy. You should use the sensible horizontal function, min/potential, stake out, painter, Pythagoras, and so many more features to measure and calculate whatever you will need. Importantly for companies, handymen, and various other experts, the E7400x has a 2-meter drop rating and is resistant to water and dirt. This is a hardy little laser meter that can withstand virtually anything you toss at it. It’s also user-friendly – the machine includes a few control keys that are user-friendly to make use of and a backlit LCD screen that ensures correct presence in both light and dark areas.

The device stores the final 20 ideals and uses two AAA 1.5 V batteries that are included with the merchandise.

Measuring precision 1/16”

Actions up to 395 feet.

Functions include add/subtract, area, volume, Pythagoras, painters, min/max, stake out and more

Remembers last 30 values

Backlit LCD display

  • Brand Leica Geosystems
  • Model DISTO E7400x
  • Weight 4.8 oz

With Bosch’s DLR130K model you’ll easily and quickly measure anything you need. This compact little bit of laser measurer is ideal for folks who execute a lot of function throughout the house, although it’s ideal for professionals aswell.

The tool’s calculating distance can be up to 130 feet, while its accuracy goes up to 1/16 of an inch. As for the functions it offers, there are an area, length, volume and continuous measuring for versatility. Obviously, you can even switch between inches wide, feet and inches wide, decimal ft and metric, based on your preferences. The device itself comes with an ergonomic soft-grip area which enables easy and comfortable operation. It also helps the buttons are intuitive to use (there are quite those hateful pounds though), nevertheless, the display isn’t backlit and for that reason does not offer great presence in dim areas. For the memory storage, the DLR130K model saves only the last measurement in decimal feet or decimal meters.

The device uses 4 AAA electric batteries.

Measuring precision +/- 1/16”

Procedures up to 130 foot.

Functions include add/subtract, area, volume, and continuous measurement

Remembers the last value

Ergonomic style but display isn’t backlit

4 x AAA electric batteries included

  • Brand Bosch
  • Model DLR130K
  • Fat 5 oz

Inexpensive and versatile, the Suaoki S9 is usually a solid budget laser measurer that is suitable for both DIYers and professionals. This is thanks to a couple of useful features it sports activities, and a durable and small design.

The Suaoki S9 includes a measuring selection of 198 foot and it is accurate up to 1/16 of an inch. Besides the typical functions such as area, volume and add/subtract, the tool also offers min/maximum and Pythagoras function for height and triangular region. And based on what you’re carrying out, it is possible to change between imperial and metric systems, although these devices will revert to metric once switched off. In terms of the design, this tool is definitely just about unbreakable – rainproof, dustproof and shockproof, this little guy can withstand anything. For this reason, it’s probably one of the most durable laser beam measurers out there. Significantly, it’s also readable and use, because of its intuitively designed control keys and 4-series backlit screen.

Suaoki S9 uses standard 1.5V AAA batteries, two of them to be exact, which are come with the tool.

Measuring accuracy +/- 1/16”

Actions up to 196 feet.

Functions include add/subtract, area, quantity, Pythagoras

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20 traditional data

4-series backlit screen

2 x AAA electric batteries included

  • Brand SUAOKI
  • Model 3SNHI2EK
  • Fat 4.3 oz

In the event that you hate changing batteries on gadgets all the time, give laser meters with rechargeable batteries a try. The Hammerhead HLMT130 is a great choice as it can be charged via USB port, plus it provides all the basic functions a DIYer may need.

This compact model measures up to 130 feet with accuracy up to 1/8 in .. Because of its three settings of procedure, it’s super-simple to make use of. It also assists it comes with an LCD display that is readable. The features – size, area, and continuous measurements – may be basic but are all most people and DIYers need anyway. Today, for one of the most interesting component – the HLMT130 comes with an integrated lithium standard rechargeable battery as well as micro USB port, meaning you can recharge it pretty much anywhere you go.

This is a very small, compact device that easily fits in a t shirt pocket, rendering it perfect for interior decorators, realtors and undoubtedly folks who execute a lot of tasks throughout the house.

Measuring accuracy +/- 1/8”

Steps up to 130 ft.

Functions include length, area, continuous measurement

Shows last two measurements

Integrated lithium standard rechargeable battery

  • Model HLMT130
  • Fat 3.2 oz

If you want an instant and easy method to accurately measure buildings, rooms, items, and other activities, the Fonesto F100 laser distance measurer is a fantastic option. This inexpensive tool provides fast and precise measurements every single time, plus is usually packed with helpful features.

The F100 model methods length, area, quantity and provides constant measurements as you move it toward or from the mark. There’s also the generally pleasant add/subtract feature, aswell as the choice for min/maximum distance tracking and Pythagoras measurements. As for its measuring range, it’s 328 feet with 1/8 inch accuracy. The device is simple to make use of and there can be an choice of switching between foot, inches, decimal foot, and metric systems. If you’re wanting to know about presence, the display is normally backlit which is fantastic when measuring in dimly lit rooms.

This pocket-size laser measuring tool uses two AAA batteries which are included in the package.

Measuring precision +/- 1/8”

Methods up to 328 foot.

Functions consist of length, add/subtract, region, quantity, Pythagoras, min/potential

20 traditional data

2 x AAA batteries included

  • Brand foneso
  • Model 1
  • Fat 6.4 oz

Another excellent Suaoki laser beam measurer, this one too affordable and filled with useful features. This small device could be utilized by both contractors and other professionals, as well as DIYers.

The D60 model has a measuring range up to 197 feet with an accuracy of within 0.08 inch, or 2 mm. It features built-in equations for volume, region and Pythagoras measurements and there’s a device converter for easy switching between metric and imperial products. Addititionally there is an internal storage storage which will save up to 20 measurements. The operation is incredibly simple thanks to the tools’ intuitive design, bright laser and a bright LCD display. Nevertheless, it’s worthy of noting the fact that laser dot is certainly practically invisible outside in a sunlit environment, although that’s to be likely with cheapest laser beam meters.

The D60 model is normally small for easy transportation and uses two standard AAA batteries.

Measuring accuracy +/- 0.08”

Methods up to 197 foot.

Functions consist of add/subtract, area, quantity, Pythagoras, continuous dimension

Remembers last 20 beliefs

Shiny LCD display

2 x AAA batteries included

  • Brand SUAOKI
  • Model 9FCA8I5D-01
  • Excess weight 2.24 oz

For fast and accurate measurements, the Fluke 414D is a fantastic tool. This tiny device offers all the functions that you’d normally anticipate from a high-end model, just it’s less expensive.

The 414D model’s calculating distance is normally 165 foot with an precision of 0.08 of the in . or 2 mm. There is an addition/subtraction function, size, area, volume and Pythagoras measurement, essentially covering anything a professional might need. The storage storage will save up to five beliefs, so you can certainly go back to your prior measurements. This helpful little gadget also includes a built-in compass and a 180? inclination sensor for leveling and elevation tracking. The just minus can be its screen which isn’t backlit, indicating it doesn’t offer enough visibility in dimly lit rooms.

The Fluke laser distance meter uses two AAA batteries which promise around 3000 measurements. Thankfully, they, plus a holding pouch are incorporated with the merchandise.

Measuring precision +/- 0.08”

Actions up to 165 feet.

Functions consist of add/subtract, area, volume, Pythagoras, min/max

Remembers last 5 values

Display is not backlit

2 x AAA batteries included

  • Brand Fluke
  • Model 414D
  • Weight 9.6 oz

We’re finishing our Top list with this handsome little laser measurer by UNI-T. Inexpensive, flexible and accurate, this digital tape measure is ideal for folks who focus on a whole lot of home tasks, although it’s certainly sufficient for professionals aswell.

The tool’s calculating distance can be up to 131 feet and its accuracy is within 0.08 inch, or 2 mm. You’ll find so many helpful features, including region and volume, constant dimension, Pythagoras and addition/subtraction. Gleam memory storage space which conveniently will save up to 30 beliefs, aswell as an auto-shut off function (150s) which will save energy. The procedure is simple as there are only 5 buttons, plus the LCD display is obvious and backlit, ensuring proper visibility in dimly lit rooms.

This pocket-sized device uses only 1 AAA electric battery which, plus a sling, is roofed in the bundle.

Measuring precision +/- 0.08”

Methods up to 131 feet.

Functions include add/subtract, length, area, volume, Pythagoras, continuous measurement

30 organizations history

1 x AAA batteries included

  • Brand UNI-T
  • Model LD40
  • Excess weight 8 oz

Best Laser beam Measuring Equipment Buying Guidebook

Whether you’re a service provider, an electrician, a part-time handyman or a separate DIYer, an excellent laser meter might help you function faster, easier and smarter. However, as you may have guessed by looking at our Top 15 list, there are a lot of things to consider before you can find the best laser measuring tool. Accuracy is actually important, but therefore is convenience and speed. And undoubtedly, whether a laser beam measurer will in actuality be the very best for you personally also depends upon your preferences and preferences.

To help you find a tool that checks all the right boxes, we’ve prepared this buying information. Find out about the includes a quality measurer should have, as well as the advantages of using laser beam meters over even more traditional ways of measurement.

The Best Laser Measuring Tools (Review & Buying Guide)

Features to consider in a Laser beam Measuring Device

What features your laser beam meter must have depended on the task you choose to do, as that dictates what functions you’ll use the most. But regardless of your work and preferences, all laser measurers should check the following boxes.

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When using a traditional tape measure, it’s easy to misread the results, mainly because it’s extremely easy to unintentionally begin or end the dimension several millimeters from the designed begin or end stage. With an effective laser meter though, misreading is definitely practically impossible. Still, some laser beam measuring equipment are even more accurate than others, although variation is normally minimal. In most cases, it’s smart to stick to versions with an precision around 1/16 ins as that is great for both construction, carpentry and DIY work. However, if you want ultimate precision, you may want to go for tools that have a 1/32 inches precision (bear in mind though, the more precise a tool the more expensive it’ll be!).

The number of a laser beam meter describes what lengths it could reach while providing accurate measurements. Some equipment accurately measure just up to 50 ft, while others rise to 300. What’s essential here is to not get stuck in the number game. Sure, long-distance laser tools are generally more convenient than short-distance types, however, may very well not want a long-distance calculating tool in any way. As you might have guessed, this completely depends on the task you want to do with the measurer. For in-home use, tools that measure between 60 and 100 ft are more than enough; for experts, around 200 to 300 ft laser meters are a better option.

Most laser beam meters include several basic features, however, many can compute advanced geometry. Typically, a laser beam measuring tool can tell you the length between two factors, but also to calculate:

Inside our humble opinion, they are fundamental and usually very necessary functions and if a laser tool cannot calculate them, it’s not worth your money. Still, this too depends on your preferences.

If your projects needs you to measure angles between surfaces such as corners, roof pitches, etc., then you may want to look for more advanced functions. The following features may be useful:

  • Pythagorean theorem
  • Painter
  • Min/Max
  • Continuous measurement.

Other Features

While not necessary, features such as for example memory storage space, Bluetooth compatibility, and an excellent protection rating could be extremely convenient. Obviously, just how much – if any – of the features you’ll absolutely need depends on your projects. For example, if you’re a handyman or a DIYer, you may not need a large memory storage at all; a memory of about three to five measurements will probably be all you need. On the other hand, if you’re a general contractor, a large memory storage (around 20-30 background values) could possibly be required. Same goes for Bluetooth technology and safety rating – generally speaking, if you’re not a professional, fewer features are the way to go; if you are, the more the merrier.

Benefits of Using a Laser Length Measurer

A couple of benefits of using laser beam measuring tools, however the most important types are the pursuing three:

  • Precision : if you’d like accuracy and accuracy, overlook the more traditional methods of measurement and instead consider laser meters. These tools undoubtedly give the most accurate measurements, especially the high-end models that go all the way down to 1/32 of the inch.
  • Comfort : laser beam measurers are extremely easy to use. Many enable you to change between imperial and metric systems using a push of the button which will save commitment. Plus, they’re generally compact and convenient to carry with you.
  • Simple us e: with an excellent laser tool you are able to say goodbye to pen and paper and manual calculations. A laser tool makes complex calculations such as volume, area, and triangulation quick and easy.

The Best Laser Measuring Tools (Review & Buying Guide)

Laser Measure Tips

Using a laser beam measure could not be easier. Stick to these simple ideas to obtain super-accurate measurements each time.

  • Work with a focus on : to create laser measuring less complicated for yourself and your gadget, make use of simple targets. Sticky notes, Velcro dots, even duct tape all work great for short distances, especially inside. When you’re measuring over 100 feet and you’re outside in sunlight, make use of a cheap reflective focus on.
  • Features : while simple functions could be all you have to, it’s smart to get acquainted with all of those other features inside your laser beam meter. For example, you could measure a roof’s slope without climbing up a ladder by using the Pythagoras.
  • Focus in : when measuring longer distances in sunlight, use your viewfinder. Bright daylight can make the reddish laser dot practically invisible, so utilize that magnification feature as it could help you move up to 4x.

Greatest Laser Measuring Equipment FAQ:

Q: Exactly what is a laser length measure?

A: A laser beam distance measure is normally a new option to the old methods of measurement. By sending a pulse of laser light, the device measures the time it takes a pulse to be reflected off a focus on and returned towards the sender (period of flight process).

Q: Just how do laser measures function?

A: You can find two ways laser meters obtain measurements:

  • Time of flight : this method measures the amount of time it takes for an optical pulse to reflect back to the tool after it hits a focus on.
  • Phase-shift : a sinusoidally modulated laser’s beam is certainly delivered to a focus on and its shown light is weighed against the stage of the energy modulation. The total amount the wavelength from the laser changes is then used to determine the distance.

Q: Is the laser in these devices dangerous?

A: Lasers of course 2 are believed secure for the eye as the standard eye shut-reflex is enough to safeguard it. Obviously, all 15 laser beam tools inside our Best list are of course 2, therefore there’s nothing to worry about.

Q: What is Pythagoras measurement?

A: If your laser meter has a Pythagoras measurement, you can use it to make super fast and simple indirect measurements. By documenting the length of two edges of the right-angled triangle, these devices using a Pythagorean function will continue to work out the 3rd all on its own. This feature can be highly useful for professionals but is normally not essential for DIYers and amateurs.

The Best Laser Measuring Tools (Review & Buying Guide)

Our Best Get

All laser beam measuring tools highlighted in our Top 15 list are reliable, accurate and durable devices and we’re certain that whichever one you choose, you won’t regret it. For us, we find the Bosch GLM 35 model. Why? The tool is equipped with every function one may need in day-to-day life, including length, area, volume, and continuous measurement. Its measuring range can be 120 ft and accuracy is at 1/16 in ., which is plenty of for both DIYers and experts. Addititionally there is the add/subtract function, and a small but convenient memory storage of 3 beliefs, causeing this to be inexpensive pocket-size laser beam meter highly useful and flexible.

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