The Best Motorcycle Phone Mounts (Review & Buying Guide)

Roam Co-Pilot Common Premium Bike Telephone Mount

Caw Car Add-ons Metal Motorcycle Telephone Mount

Roam Co-Pilot Slim Common Premium Bike Mobile phone Mount

When you should never in fact use your cellular phone whilst in charge of a car, most bikers will agree that there are times when having your telephone screen visible while using could come in very handy. When you’ve ridden too far and also have no idea what your location is, for example, and may really make use of your phone’s Navigation to truly get you home once again!

Well, hardly ever fear, oh lost-and-phone-less one, because with the help of a motorcycle telephone holder, it’s possible to have your phone mounted on your handlebars, to be used for navigation, music – and even just to know when you receive an important call, so you can pull over safely to answer it. Sound good? Then read on for our full buying guide to the best motorbike phone mounts available on the market, to get this lovely set-up for yourself.

THE VERY BEST Motorcycle Phone Support

Our best pick of the greatest motorcycle telephone mounts may be the Roam Co-Pilot Bicycle Phone Support. This fully adaptable, plastic phone support claims to have the most universal handlebar clamp on the market, and will fit handlebars of 7/8” to 1 1 ?“ in diameter (although super sport bike owners should note that it does not fit clip-on style handlebars).

The Roam Co-Pilot will fit any phone as high as up to 3.5” wide, including iPhone X, 8, 7, 6S and Galaxy S7, S6, S5 – so that it has you protected, whether you’re the type of cool child who always really needs the latest device, or if you’re old-school and don’t discover any have to change a perfectly great phone until it breaks. In any event, the Roam Co-Pilot has six points of contact and a strong and stretchy silicone net, to keep your phone safe and secure as you ride.

Made from hard plastic and stretchy silicone

6 points of grip to fully secure your telephone

Suits any cellular phone up to 3.5” wide, including iPhone X, 8, 7, 6S and Galaxy S7, S6, S5

Suits handlebars of size 7/8” – 1-1/4“

  • Brand Roam
  • Pounds 3.36 ounces

Our following motorcycle phone support can be this Universal CELLULAR PHONE Support by Car Caw. It’s somewhat more expensive compared to the Roam Co-Pilot, but is possibly even more ‘universal’, as it fits phones up to 3.7” wide, and handlebars of between 0.6” and 1.4” in diameter.

This bike phone mount is fully adjustable, with a 360° rotation, allowing you the flexibility to to position your phone at the best possible angle. There are four silicone belts and a rubberized clip to hold your phone securely in place and absorb shock. It’s also worth noting the 100% money back guarantee, which promises to refund or replace your phone mount if you’re not thrilled with it.

Created from plastic using a rubberized clip and silicon belt

360° rotation to put your mobile phone at any position

Matches any cellular phone up to 3.7” wide, including iPhone X, 8, 7, 6S and Galaxy S7, S6, S5

Matches handlebars of size 0.6” – 1.4”

  • Brand Caw Car Components
  • Model IP01111
  • Pounds 4 oz .

The IPOW General Cell Phone Mount has most of the same features as our prior two picks, including silicon straps and a 360° rotation. Compatibility sensible, it could be used in combination with smartphones of 2.3” – 3.5” wide, and handlebars of 1 1.33”.

A lot of reviews are from people by using this on the bicycles, but there are a few promising testimonials from motorbike riders, like this answer to the question ‘Anyone use this for a motorcycle?’, from Mark E: “I am using it on my motorbike. It seems durable more than enough. I don’t find any vibration. I am traveling a big touring bike which really is a smoother trip.” Sounds great to us, Tag.

Appropriate for smartphones 2.3” – 3.5” wide, including iPhone X, 8, 7, 6S and Galaxy S7, S6, S5

2 interchangeable silicone butterfly bands to hold your phone securely

Maximum handlebar diameter of 1 1.33”

360° rotation to position your telephone at any angle

  • Brand IPOW
  • Model IP01111
  • Fat 3.2 oz .

If you’re convinced that these mobile phone mounts look good and everything, but there a little boring looking, and certainly won’t match your shiny red Ducati, then never fear – this version of the Roam Co-Pilot Universal Premium Bike Phone Mount is available in a choice of black, red or green silicone (all with dark plastic material), for a far more ‘race’ look, also to match your dark, reddish colored or green motorbike.

This bicycle phone holder may be the ‘thin’ edition of our best choose, the Roam Co-Pilot. They have yet great benefits, but having a narrower handlebar clamp, therefore it’s also ideal in the event that you don’t have much space, but still want the luxury of being able to find your mobile phone whilst operating.

Created from hard plastic material and stretchy silicone

Available in black, green or reddish silicone

Fits any cell phone up to 3.5” wide, including iPhone X, 8, 7, 6S and Galaxy S7, S6, S5

Fits handlebars of diameter 7/8” – 1?“

  • Brand Roam
  • Model 4330284860
  • Excess weight 3.84 ounces

Finally, a motorcycle mobile phone mount that sticks out from the others. This heavy-duty providing from Car Caw includes a plastic material mobile phone clip and silicon bands to carry your mobile phone securely in place and minimize vibration – but unlike some other motorbike telephone mounts, the handlebar clamp is made from metallic, which Car Caw state helps it be ‘unbreakable’.

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We are able to certainly observe how metal will be even more hard-wearing than plastic, although maybe unbreakable is definitely a bit of a stretch. There are lots of positive reviews from motorcycle users though, and if you’re not convinced, the manufacturer offers a full refund/ replacement assurance (this is pretty standard with all our picks).

Metallic handlebar clamp for extra strength (plastic telephone clip)

360° rotation to position your mobile phone at any position

Manufacturer state governments suitable for make use of being a Harley phone support

Matches handlebars of 0.2” – 1.9” in size

  • Brand Car Caw Components
  • Fat 8.2 oz .

The Mongoora Bicycle Phone Support for Smartphone is normally another motorcycle mobile phone holder which has multiple color choices – but this time around, you don’t need to select before purchase, since it includes three colours of silicone rings included (dark, reddish colored and green). You should use these interchangeably, therefore it’s ideal if you’re the type of biker who loves to revise their motorcycle each year (or collect multiple bikes in the garage!)

This smartphone holder for bike use is made of metal and plastic, can hold any phone up to 3.7” wide, and has some rave reviews as to the durability – and it’s the least expensive option on our list!

Includes 3 colors of silicone bands (black, reddish and green)

360° rotation to put your mobile phone at any position

Matches any cellular phone up to 3.7” wide – ideal for use being a motorcycle iPhone install or Galaxy install

Matches handlebars of size 0.9” – 1.3”

  • Brand Mongoora
  • Model Mongoora BM
  • Fat 1.6 ounces

What pieces this motorbike mobile phone holder in addition to the crowd may be the inner magnetic carbon metal plates, that will attract your mobile phone to the support, even with no silicon straps. This works together with iPhone, Google android, Blackberry and Microsoft gadgets, and offers a robust additional coating of hold.

Worried about the effect it might be having on your phone? Don’t become – the magnetic technology is definitely perfectly safe, and won’t scramble your smartphone’s brains! It also allows you to fully rotate your telephone, to obtain the display in the best possible position.

Magnetic plate phone holder offers additional grip

Compatible with iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Microsoft devices

Full rotational ability

Sturdy rubber base reduces shock and vibrations

  • Brand WizGear
  • Weight 6.4 ounces

The Bovon Universal Bike Phone Mount features a super flexible silicone phone holder that will absorb shock and protect your phone from vibrations. Unlike other styles, there’s no hard plastic or metal involved here, just silicone, which could make it more shock absorbing and less likely to snap in an accident.

Not that the clamp style of various other phone mounts is certainly difficult to set up BUT, the easy, wristwatch design strap of this handlebar phone mount makes it particularly quick and easy to strap on – especially for those special few who’ve ever possessed or utilized a wristwatch.

Created from premium, shock-absorbing silicon

Easy to set up, wristwatch design strap

Matches any cell phone with screen size from 4.5” – 6”

Adjustable to fit all handlebar sizes

  • Brand Bovon
  • Model BV-600
  • Weight 2.08 ounces

The Widras Phone Bike Mount is made from super durable ABS plastic and silicone, can match all cell phones up to 3.5” wide, and clamps onto handlebars of diameter 0.2” – 1.6” (although the maker does state it could unfit super sport motorcycles with clip-on handlebars).

This adjustable motorbike mobile phone holder includes 3 different silicon straps – a standard black one, a neon glow-in-the-dark one, and an XXL (perfect if your telephone is more of a tablet at this stage!) The neon strap could prove especially useful in the event that you will end up being using this in darker circumstances, producing the straps simpler to find and providing reassurance that your mobile phone is safe and sound.

Created from durable ABS plastic material and silicon

Includes 3 silicon straps (regular, neon and XXL)

Suits any cellular phone up to 3.5” wide, including iPhone X, 8, 7, 6S and Galaxy S7, S6, S5

Suits handlebars of diameter 0.2” – 1.6”

  • Brand Widras
  • Model US2
  • Weight 4.5 ounces

If you’re concerned about the durability of your motorbike phone holder, this heavy-duty Aluminum Motorcycle Phone Mount by ILM might be the response. There’s no stretchy silicon for cushioning, but the light weight aluminum and stainless construction is nearly certainly less inclined to snap or break under high speeds than a plastic clamp.

Encouragingly, there are lots of positive reviews from previous customers who have used this successfully on motorcycles, including as a Harley phone mount. It’s also available in a silver finish, as well as a black option, offering a metallic aesthetic that some bikers may prefer.

Created from 100% light weight aluminum and stainless

Created for power sports activities

Matches any cellular phone up to 3.7” wide, including iPhone X, 8, 7, 6S and Galaxy S7, S6, S5

Matches handlebars of size 3/4” – 1-3/8“

  • Brand ILM
  • Pounds 10.4 ounces

The Tackform Solutions Bicycle Phone Holder is certainly another durable motorcycle phone support (we know, we say that a lot, but it’s true!), specifically designed for use on motorcycles, dirt bikes and quad bikes. This fresh revision of the original design offers deeper grips to accommodate larger cell phone instances, and a super rigid, strong foundation, to keep the phone secure during also the roughest off-road traveling.

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Another quite cool feature of the motorcycle phone support is normally that it’s not merely compatible with mobile phones – in addition, it works together with GoPro, and various other action cams, therefore it’s perfect if you want to record your journeys (or misdemeanors!) for later on.

Heavy duty phone mount, suitable for dirt bike and quad bike use

Also compatible with GoPro

Suits any cellular phone 2” – 3.6” wide, including iPhone X, 8, 7, 6S and Galaxy S7, S6, S5

Matches handlebars of size 0.75” – 1.5“

  • Brand Tackform Solutions
  • Model TF00-0903
  • Fat 6.1 ounces

The MaxMiles Bike and Motorcycle CELLULAR PHONE Holder is manufactured out of top-grade aluminum, and it is extremely strong and long lasting, ready to cope with whatever you throw at it. This hardy bicycle phone holder clamps securely onto your phone and bike, and doesn’t let go of either. You can position it using the 360° rotation, to get the best possible angle.

It is worth noting that, although the clamp is super-strong, there is no silicone or plastic in cases like this, which may influence shock absorption. It’s also advisable to take care not to over-tighten the case (whilst still making sure it is secure), so as not to damage your phone. But don’t be put off, as the reviews of this heavy duty motorbike phone mount speak for themselves!

Aluminum motorbike phone support

360° rotation to put your mobile phone at any position

Fits mobile phones up to width of 3.5”

Matches handlebars of size 18mm – 30mm

  • Brand MaxMiles

Encountering deja vu? This IPOW Steel Bike & Motorcycle Cell Phone Mount is the updated version of no. 3 on this list of the best motorcycle phone mounts.

The design is very comparable, but this one features an unbreakable metallic base mount (note that other parts are still made of Stomach muscles plastic material). The arc designed phone grip offers extra guarantee that your mobile phone will not slide out, and much like the prior model, two silicon bands (in dark and crimson) are included, to keep the telephone snug and secure.

Unbreakable, solid metallic base mount

Compatible with smartphones 2.3” – 3.5” wide, including iPhone X, 8, 7, 6S and Galaxy S7, S6, S5

2 interchangeable silicone butterfly bands to hold your phone securely

Matches handlebars of size 0.6” – 1.1”

  • Brand IPOW
  • Fat 7.2 oz .

Back again to a combined mix of steel and silicone today using the Yoassi Metallic Bike & Motorcycle Cell Phone Mount. The manufacturer of this handlebar telephone holder statements that, unlike plastic material equivalents, the solid metallic clamp can be unbreakable, and won’t degrade under sunlight. Furthermore, they claim that their zinc alloy clamp provides a higher effect resistance than additional metals, including light weight aluminum.

Yoassi also declare that their silicon telephone clamp may be the thickest & most surprise absorbing on the market. This heavy-duty handlebar phone mount is fully adjustable with a 360° rotation, can be installed portrait or landscape, and is designed for use on bicycles, motorbikes and ATV, therefore it’s great information for all sorts of adrenaline junkies.

Super-strong, superior zinc alloy steel base

Thickened silicon mobile phone clamp provides extra surprise protection

Matches any cellular phone 2.3” – 3.7” wide, including iPhone X, 8, 7, 6S and Galaxy S7, S6, S5

Fits handlebars of up to 1.2” diameter

  • Brand Yoassi
  • Model 4326590369
  • Weight 4.8 ounces

The Issyzone Motorcycle Phone Mount with USB Charger has several unique selling features that make it worthy of the ultimate put on our best list. Firstly, the look is unusual for the reason that a couple of four part clamps gripping your mobile phone, and no silicone or rubber bands in sight, which Issyzone claim makes it more secure (although not suitable for racing bikes).

Secondly, and perhaps most appealingly for the user, this motorcycle telephone holder comes with a 5V 2A USB charging point, which can be connected up to your bike’s electric battery (find YouTube video for guidelines), helping you to charge your mobile phone as you trip. Pretty useful, we think you’ll recognize!

4 slide-proof part clamp style

USB charger interface integration

Appropriate for iPhone X/8/7/7P/6s/6P/5S, Galaxy S5/S6/S7/S8, and even more

Matches handlebars of 7/8” size

  • Brand Issyzone
  • Model 1
  • Pounds 9.6 ounces

Best Motorbike Phone Support Buying Guidebook

Sense overwhelmed by the quantity of (virtually identical) bike telephone holder options available on the market? We don’t blame you! Ideally our motorcycle telephone mount buying guidebook and FAQ can help clear up some of that confusion.

The Best Motorcycle Phone Mounts (Review & Buying Guide)

What to Look for in a Motorcycle Phone Mount

  • Solid, durable materials

It’s understandable that you’ll desire to discover a motorbike phone holder which will withstand high rates of speed, knocks, and bumps. Because of this, choose a solid material such as zinc alloy, aluminum or ABS plastic, and a solid construction, with no weak spots.

  • Good shock absorption

Your mobile phone is likely to be seated within this holder when you strike swiftness bumps, potholes and move off-road (you daredevil, you!), so that it has to have the ability to absorb some significant vibrations. Because of this, look for a rubberized grip and silicone bands, which will absorb shock and move with your phone, not jolt it.

  • Size and fit
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Your motorcycle phone mount won’t be much use if it doesn’t match your motorcycle or phone. Measure the diameter of your handlebars, as well as the width of the area you wish the clamp to squeeze in, aswell as the width of the phone, and make certain these measurements function for your selected bike mobile phone holder before purchasing.

  • Reviews that are positive

The very best indication you could have about the grade of a motorcycle phone mount is the evaluations from other customers. Look for reviewers who have a similar motorcycle to yours, to see how they rate this telephone holder. Choose a bike phone holder with many evaluations, such as those listed here, so you can be sure you’re not getting a skewed picture.

Benefits of Using a Motorcycle Phone Holder

  • Navigation

Perhaps the most useful benefit of a motorcycle phone holder is navigation. Using your phone’s Gps navigation and a holder like a Motorbike Gps navigation mount, you’ll under no circumstances be dropped whilst riding once again (if you don’t desire to be, of course!)

  • Track your velocity/distance

Another benefit of having your phone with you while riding is to use it monitor your velocity, route or distance. In the end, it’s always wonderful to learn where you’ve been!

  • Pay attention to music

When you can hear it within the noise from the bike, developing a motorbike phone holder set up can mean you are able to pay attention to music on your own bike much more easily, using wireless earbuds. You’ll also be able to see what you’re listening to (and neglect that following Justin Bieber tune!)

  • Draw over for essential phone calls

Venturing out for an instant ride to relaxed the nerves while your wife’s in labor? Who wouldn’t! But, you might need to answer the phone, so you don’t miss the birth. A motorcycle phone mount will enable you to observe when that all-important contact comes through, and that means you can PULL OVER to solution it (and steer clear of a divorce at exactly the same time!)

Types of Motorbike Mobile phone Mounts

There are many various kinds of motorbike mounts. Essentially the most common type is normally a handlebar mount, that attaches having a metallic or hard plastic clamp and has a rubberized telephone grip and silicone ‘net’, which secures around your phone’s edges. Other types include full silicone phone mounts, such as the Bovon Universal Bike Phone Mount, which has a silicon strap, rather than clamp, and complete metallic options, like the ILM Light weight aluminum Motorcycle Phone Support, without any silicon straps, and just a metal grip for your phone. There are also other types of motorcycle phone mounts which do not put on your handlebars, such as for example windscreen telephone mounts, which might be appealing if you personal a Harley Davidson cruiser, for instance. Which type is most beneficial for you personally may rely on a number of factors, together with your mobile phone, kind of motorbike, and individual riding style.

Best Motorcycle Phone Mount FAQ:

The Best Motorcycle Phone Mounts (Review & Buying Guide)

Q: Do all of these mounts really dampen shock and vibration?

A: Yes, they will all dampen shock and vibration, to a certain extent. Some motorcycle phone mounts could be more impact absorbing than others. In most cases, a rubberized grasp and silicon belts will absorb even more vibrations, whilst motorbike mobile phone holders made exclusively of metal could be much less ‘forgiving’.

Q: How do you adjust the general holder to fit my phone case?

A: The exact way you change a universal phone holder will depend on which one you’ve chosen, so make sure to check the manufacturer’s instructions. In general, (so that as may be the case for our best get, the Roam Co-Pilot), to suit your phone right into a general holder, you’ll pull the plastic material or rubberized grip apart, insert the phone, and release the grip, allowing it to clamp. You would then stretch out the silicone online on the four edges of the telephone until it feels snug and protected.

Q: How do you install my gadget holder?

A: Once again, just how you install your gadget holder will vary from model to model, but as a general rule, you should open the clamp and place it around your motorcycle’s handlebars where you want it, and then screw the clamp closed, until it is securely fixed in place. Then, place your phone into the holder, obtain onto your bicycle and adapt to obtain it in the very best position for you yourself to see the display (without impeding your eyesight of the street, obviously!)

Our Best Go with

Our top pick of the best motorcycle phone mounts in the Roam Co-Pilot Phone Mount , which will fit any phone of up to up to 3.5” wide, including iPhone X, 8, 7, 6S and Galaxy S7, S6, S5, and almost all handlebars. It’s made from durable hard plastic and stretchy, shock-absorbing silicone, and has a large number of 5 celebrity reviews from content customers who is now able to see their cell phones as they trip. It is, quite literally, the only co-pilot you’ll ever need!

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