The Best RV Surge Protectors (Review)

Progressive Sectors Wise Surge Protector

Hughes Functionality Autoformer

Technology Analysis Surge Safeguard with Surface

An RV could be a complicated beast nowadays – from air conditioners to entertainment systems, you can pack a lot of expensive electrical equipment on board. One simple and cost-effective way to protect this equipment is definitely to purchase a surge protector.

These useful devices can be a actual lifesaver with regards to keeping precious electronics secure. They could be connected to any power pedestal, and become a mediator between your power source as well as your RV. This guarantees only the perfect voltage gets to your products. When you come to choose a surge protector for your RV, you’ll notice you have a lot of options, and knowing exactly what you need can be a challenge. That’s why we’ve put together this useful buying guide, running through the top 10 options on the market right now, and answering some common questions about surge protectors, so you can make an informed decision and give your equipment the protection it requires.

THE VERY BEST RV Surge Protector

Progressive Sectors have gained themselves the very best i’m all over this our list using their useful and affordable Wise Surge Protector. As the name suggests, this product can be bristling with useful features: it not only protects your RV against electrical surges, but can also detect any miswiring in the power supply that’s likely to cause problems. When this, or a surge, occurs, three colored LED lights will alert you to the problem.

It’s also hard enough to take care of the any unstable weather you may be exposed to, because of its rugged style, which features climate resistant casing. It’s also thermally shielded, to make sure that it won’t overheat during make use of. With its compact and portable design, range of features, and lifetime warranty, you can count on this protector. It’s available for RVs with both 30 Amp and 50 Amp plugs.

RV surge guard, suitable for both 30 and 50 Amp plugs

Protects valuable equipment against electrical surges

Detects miswiring in the energy supply

Notifications you to potential issues with three LEDs

Rugged, climate resistant style

Built-in thermal safety

Lifetime guarantee included

  • Brand Intensifying Industries
  • Model 0313.1168
  • Pounds 1.74 pounds

The next RV surge protector to make it onto our list is this ‘Dogbone’ design by Camco. The device helps protect your equipment against the threat of poorly wired electrical boxes, wherever you roam. It’s easy to put into place, and features diagnostic lighting to provide quickly visible information regarding whatever power supply it’s connected to. This implies you’ll be familiar with any faults before you attach your RV.

The long lasting design offers security against power surges of up to 4,200 joules, thanks to Camco’s innovative engineering. It’s also simple to use, with an easy grip handle that makes plugging and unplugging a breeze. Once in place, you can rest assured that this surge protector will handle whatever the components throw its method. Its climate resistant casing protects against rainfall, hail, snow, glaciers, and gales – maintaining your beneficial electronics secure, whatever season you choose to travel. The device is available for both 50 and 30 Amp plugs.

Available for 50 and 30 Amp plugs

Easy to put into place, thanks to power grip handles

LEDs indicate faulty wiring before you plug your RV into a power source

Durable design can endure surges as high as 4,200 joules

Weather conditions resistant casing

  • Brand Camco
  • Model 55313
  • Fat 5.84 pounds

Another camper surge protector to create our list is certainly Technology Research’s 50 Amp safeguard. The easy to use plug-and-play technology easily recognizes any defective wiring in whatever power supply you connect your RV to, and will shield your consumer electronics against surges as high as 4,200 joules.

An obvious indicator program, on leading from the surge protector, illuminates to show whether the power source it’s plugged into is functioning as it should. Users say the surge protector is usually tough enough to handle almost any weather condition – be it snow, rain, sleet, or a baking hot sun. Whenever the safeguard absorbs a power surge, it’ll immediately reset itself for potential use, making it a great expense that can protect your electrical gear for a few months and years to come.

RV surge protector suitable for 50 Amp plugs

Easy to install plug and play technology

Illuminated display warns users about faulty wiring

Protects against power surges of up to 4,200 joules

Weather resistant for reliable outdoor use

Re-sets carrying out a surge for upcoming use

  • Brand Technology Analysis
  • Model 44270
  • Fat 0.48 ounces

Progressive Sectors earn another i’m all over this our list using their SSP30 surge safeguard. Weighing in at significantly less than two pounds, and little enough to squeeze in your glove area, the guard’s small and extremely portable design models it aside from additional choices on the market.

Don’t be fooled by its small size, however – the Smart Surge is a really useful tool. By simply connecting the device to the energy pedestal at a campsite, you can find out whether the power source is safe for your RV. Although it’s not the toughest options on our list, the guard is suitable for outdoor use, and can withstand surges of 825 joules. Clients say that these devices has kept them through the dangers of miswiring and inadequate grounding plenty of to cover itself – in addition, it includes a complete year’s warranty. Be aware that this model would work for 30 Amp RV plugs only.

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RV surge protector compatible with 30 Amp plugs

Compact, lightweight, and portable design

Detects miswiring in power sources and indicates to the user through a light display

Suitable for outdoor use, but might need extra protection in wet conditions

Capable of withstanding surges of 825 joules

12 month warranty included

  • Brand Progressive Industries
  • Model 0313.1134
  • Excess weight 1.8 pounds

If you’re looking for a rugged but budget friendly surge protector, look no further than Surge Safeguard. Their device provides great protection for all your consumer electronics aboard your RV, and at under $90 it’s a no-brainer expenditure.

The safeguard notifications users to any issues with whatever power it’s connected to – whether it is reversed polarity or incorrect grounding. Having these details tells you certainly whether the electric power you’re planning to attract is safe for your RV. A series of lights on the front of the guard make it easy to see if something isn’t right. If the guard should overheat, another light will let you know. Resistant to wind and rain, the surge guard is capable of standing up towards the elements aswell as power surges. Be aware that Surge Guard’s products are made to become ‘sacrificial’: after a substantial surge, they become as well damaged to operate properly, and have to be changed. They efficiently ‘sacrifice’ themselves to safeguard the RV’s consumer electronics. This model works with with 30 Amp plugs just.

RV surge safeguard ideal for 30 Amp plugs

Great affordability at under $90

Notifications users to any electrical problems at the power pedestal

Overheating alert included

Weather resistant housing

‘Sacrificial’ design protects RV electronics against surges by absorbing the energy

  • Brand Surge Guard
  • Model 44280
  • Weight 12 pounds

The EMS-PT30X surge protector earns Progressive Industries their their third and final spot on our list. This surge guard is the toughest on our list yet, capable of protecting your RV against fluctuating voltage, power surges, and incorrect wiring in almost any conditions.

The device’s durable housing allows it to operate in a honestly impressive array of temperatures – from -40 ? to 221 ?. This, along with its waterproof design, allow the guard to function come rain or shine…or snow, hail and sleet. A security locking bracket also helps to hold it in place on the power supply, while its hard Lexan plastic material shell secure its internal workings from knocks and bumps. The safeguard also includes a durable pull handle, making maneuvering it straight forward.

Aswell as offering security from surges, the safeguard brings any electrical issues to your attention as soon as it’s plugged into a power source. The easy to read digital display will let you know if there’s a issue with wiring or grounding. The flexible guard is designed for both 30 and 50 Amp RV plugs.

Tough RV surge protector designed for 30 Amp or 50 Amp plugs

Functions in any temperature conditions (-40 ? to 221 ?)

Difficult Lexan plastic protects against water, as well as bumps and scrapes

Features a protection locking bracket

Includes a sturdy pull deal with

Protects against electric surges

Indicates faulty wiring or grounding when connected to a power supply

Readable digital screen

  • Brand Intensifying Industries
  • Model EMS-PT30X
  • Fat 4.2 pounds

This 30 Amp surge protector is a great way to protect your RV from expensive and dangerous electrical damage. This simple but effective guard is designed to shut off power to your RV whenever it detects a issue with the energy supply. This implies these devices will drive back not merely power surges, but also the potential risks associated with reverse polarity wiring and improper grounding.

After it shuts off, the protector is easy to reset by hand. The basic but functional design is excellent value for money, coming in at under $70. Customers say that it stands up well in the rain, too, making a rugged but simple solution to electricity worries.

Surge protector suitable for 30 Amp plugs

Cuts off power supply when an electrical problem is detected

Capable of detecting miswiring and incorrect grounding aswell as surges

These devices can be by hand reset after a vacation

Excellent affordability

Fundamental but effective style

Light-weight and portable

  • Brand Technology Study
  • Model 44750
  • Pounds 1.65 pounds

Another item on our list isn’t a surge protector by itself, but since avoiding surges is among its many useful features, we thought it might be remiss never to include it on our list.

Hughes have developed what they call the ‘World’s only all-in-one RV power solution’, designed to keep the electronics in your RV ticking over no matter what. This solution will take the form from the RV22050 Autoformer: this unassuming very little box is truly a powerful little bit of technology, that may regulate the voltage getting attracted from a power supply into the RV, while also providing security against the risk of power surges. In case of an severe surge, the surge protector in the autoformer can be replaced without needing to scrap the rest of the device.

The autoformer’s ‘sense circuit’ can work out exactly how much power your RV’s electronics are drawing, and boost the wattage to ensure these needs are adequately met. This not only means you can do more with your RV, but also helps to protect your devices from low voltage harm. Overall, Hughes item is a superb all-rounder for seasoned RV fans looking to raise the power getting into the RV without risking harm to its devices. The autoformer is compatible with 50 Amp plugs, and comes with a two year warranty.

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Autoformer compatible with 50 Amp RV plugs

All-in-one RV power answer

Regulates voltage becoming drawn to your RV; improving or reducing power based on your current needs

Protects against power surges

Surge protector part of the autoformer is normally replaceable

‘Feeling circuit’ technology continuously adjusts just how much power has been channelled in to the RV

Protects against low voltage harm

Two year guarantee

Manufactured in the united states

  • Brand Hughes Functionality
  • Model RV22050
  • Fat 36 pounds

Southwire’s 50 Amp RV surge protector is normally another great choice for the seasoned RV devotee. Not merely does it immediately shut off power to your RV in the event of a surge, keeping home appliances safe, it also constantly screens the Amperage and Voltage becoming drawn from the power resource to your RV. This useful info is subsequently displayed on an easy to read LCD display on the front of the device.

Aswell as safeguarding your RV from surges, the safeguard also prevents the harm due to miswiring, incorrect grounding, low voltage, and overheating. To maintain itself safe, the device even comes with its own anti-theft lock ring, allowing it to be secured in place with minimal hassle.

RV surge guard compatible with 50 Amp plugs

Automatically cuts power to your RV should it detect electrical problems

Constantly monitors the Amps and Volts being drawn by the RV

Features an easy to learn LCD screen

Protects against miswiring, incorrect grounding, low voltage, and overheating

Includes an anti-theft locking band, to deter would-be thieves

  • Brand Southwire
  • Model 34950
  • Pounds 5.5 pounds

Using their portable 50 Amp surge safeguard, Technology Research possess gained their third and final spot on our list. The guard can keep electronics safe from surges clocking in at up to 3,850 joules, ensuring your valuable equipment stays safe.

It consistently screens the voltage and Amperage becoming drawn from the RV it’s connected to, exhibiting the readout with an quickly visible LCD screen. As well as Volts and Amps, the screen also offers an insight into any electrical problems that emerge from the power supply. Any miswiring, surge, or low voltage circumstance is immediately found on, and the energy supply is immediately halted. Customers state the unit is certainly a sound expenditure that can endure drizzly climate, and reliably continues RV electronics safe.

Surge guard suitable for RVs equipped with 50 Amp plugs

Protects against surges of up to 3,850 joules

Continuously monitors the RV’s Volt and Amp draw

Features an easy to read LCD display screen

Also detects and protects against voltage and miswiring

  • Brand Technology Analysis
  • Model 34850
  • Fat 0.48 ounces

Greatest RV Surge Protector Buying Instruction

Given that we’ve proved helpful our method through some surge protector testimonials, it’s time to go on to some common questions and concerns about this useful little bit of technology. We wish our helpful buying guide can help you determine which surge protector is normally right for you personally, and help you to get one of the most out of whatever choice you select.

The Best RV Surge Protectors (Review)

Features to Consider When Buying an RV Surge Protector

When choosing a surge protector for your RV, there are several things to bear in mind:

  • RV Electric power Supply

The first thing to do when buying a surge protector is definitely to check it’s compatible with your RV’s electric power supply service. The two standard materials are 30 Amps and 50 Amps, each of which has a different plug. 30 Amp plugs have three pins, while their 50 Amp counterparts are equipped with four pins.

  • Level of Protection

The next factor to consider when choosing a surge guard is how much protection it affords. For the best protection, look out for surge guards that may protect your RV against:

  • Power surges
  • Low voltage
  • Miswiring and incorrect grounding

To work through how well the safeguard will shield your RV against these risks, you can depend on two key factors: how many joules of energy a surge guard can withstand, and how quickly it can cut off the power when this happens. A high joule ranking – just like the 4,200 joules Camco’s surge protector can absorb – indicated a hardcore device that may withstand a whole lot of electricity. Nevertheless, this isn’t as essential as how quickly the surge safeguard reacts to the danger; if the circuit can be broken with time, none of the energy are certain to get significantly enough for the joule rating to matter. Progressive Industries’ surge protectors have an impressive response time of just one nanosecond, making them a reliable option.

  • Diagnostic Abilities

A basic surge guard will shut off the power when it threatens to fry your RV’s consumer electronics, but lots of the even more sophisticated models could also be used being a diagnostic device for power products. If you’re permanently starting up your RV to brand-new power resources, it’s smart to select a surge safeguard that may also let you know if the pedestal continues to be properly create. A lot of the surge protectors on our list possess this useful ability.

  • Portable or Hardwired

All the surge guards on our list are portable, but you can also come by guards that are permanently installed inside your RV itself. These long term guards require only one installation and are easier to keep an eye on, but you’ll likely need professional help to install one, and they’re much more challenging to go between RVs.

Great things about Using an RV Surge Protector

Using an RV surge protector includes a raft of benefits, including:

  • Surge protectors prevent consumer electronics inside your RV from getting damaged in case of a power surge
  • Many surge protectors may also drive back low voltage, that may also damage electric devices
  • More advanced surge guards can let you know if the power from a power supply is safe for your RV
  • Purchasing a surge guard is much less expensive than having to replace electrical equipment within your RV
  • Surge protectors shield against the security hazards such as overheated products and fires
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Different Types of Surge Protectors

Surge protectors come in useful wherever there is a power supply and electrical products. They tend to be split into two main groups:

Installed where a power line enters a building, or for our purposes, RV. They tend to be quite large, and capable of absorbing a lot of power. The surge guards on our list would fall into this category, since they’re installed directly between a power pedestal and an RV.

  • Secondary Type

Little surge guards connected to outlets. They’re much less powerful, but even more portable and simple to use. You could dual down on surge safety through the use of these using the outlets inside your RV.

How to Install RV Surge Protector

Installing a portable RV surge protector is a simple affair: insert the plug into the outlet provided on any power resource, like a pedestal at a campsite, and check the reading can be secure before proceeding to plug your RV’s power wire into the shop in the surge safeguard. Some guards could be locked onto the pedestal to greatly help prevent theft. Specific instructions can vary greatly, so be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Installing a permanent surge guard is much more complex, and varies between manufacturers – you’ll likely need to look for professional assistance. To find out more on the procedure, have a look at Progressive Sectors’ installation information .

Electric Management Program (EMS) Vs Surge Protector

Surge protectors and EMS obtain confused more regularly than you’d think – here are the main characteristics of each:

  • Surge Protector

Surge protectors provide a simple but essential form of protection for your RV’s electronics, protecting them against power surges. They differ in their style; some may be used to diagnose harmful power resources, and drive back low voltage aswell as an overload. Surge protectors have a tendency to be simpler to install, more portable, and considerably less costly than an EMS.

  • Electrical Management Program

EMS presents surge protection as well, but provide other styles of protection, such as for example extended low voltage security, open neutral safety, AC frequency safety, and 220 Volt safety. EMS is more complex to install, and tends to be much more expensive to acquire. However, it does offer the fullest electrical safety.

Exactly how many security features each surge protector offers depends on the make and model, and they’re becoming more advanced over time. Nevertheless, for the fullest security, this could be worth buying an EMS.

Greatest RV Surge Protector FAQ:

Q: What’s an RV surge protector?

A: An RV surge protector can be an electric device made to shield your RV’s electric appliances through the threat of power surges. They may be fitted between your power source as well as the RV, and instantly disconnect the RV from the power in the event of a surge.

Q: How does an RV surge protector work?

A: All surge protectors work by the same basic principle: diverting extra voltage away from the devices plugged into it.

The most common types of surge protector achieve this through the use of a metal oxide varistor (MOV), which consists of a piece of metal oxide surrounded by two semiconductors. The resistance of these semiconductor varies with voltage, and when the voltage rises above safe amounts, this resistance reduces. Throughout a surge, voltage boosts, the MOV conducts a lot of the current apart and back again to ground.

Other styles of surge protectors make use of other strategies, but all center around a system that diverts surplus current away from sensitive gear.

Q: Is the RV surge protector waterproof?

A: This depends on the make and model. Most portable surge protectors are waterproof, since they’re designed for outdoor use, however some designs are more rugged than others. Permanent surge guards tend not to be waterproof, which isn’t generally a concern as they’re set up in the RV.

Q: MAY I make use of an RV surge protector using a generator?

A: Yes, nevertheless, you might need to make some tweaks. In the event that you attach your surge protector to a portable generator, it’ll often screen an ‘open up ground’ warning, and not allow power to reach your RV.

However, using a surge protector together with your generator isn’t usually necessary, due to the reduced voltages they have a tendency to produce.

The Best RV Surge Protectors (Review)

Our Best Find

For all of us, the very best RV surge protector available on the market right now must be Intensifying Industries’ Wise Surge Protector. The device truly lives up to its name, offering not only durable surge safety, but also useful insights into what’s happening with faulty power materials.

Available for both 30 Amp and 50 Amp RVs, the versatile piece of kit uses lamps to let you know when a pedestal is normally miswired, or a surge provides occurred. It’s also challenging enough to endure the components – an essential facet of any little bit of RV apparatus. These useful features, along using its life time guarantee and budget-friendly price point, truly arranged the surge guard aside from its rivals.

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