The Best Steam Cleaner For Cars

Using vapor cleaners for vehicles can be a secure method of eliminating bad smells and heavy spots through the upholstery. Most feature a range of add-ons that will enable you to clean all of the areas fas well as the automobile seats whether or not they are cloth or leather.

The best steam cleaner for auto detailing is the Dupray ONE , which is expensive but has a powerful steam of up to 303 degrees Fahrenheit and a 3 year warranty.

Most people will have a designated vacuum for car detailing but adding a car steam clean will take things to the next level. It allows you to use the power of hot steam to blast away tough stains and odors that will simply not disappear.

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Best Portable Steam Solution For Vehicles

Using a car steam cleaner assists the upholstery rehydrate, condition and restore without leading to any damage. Even though you possess fabrics such as for example alcantara or suede, any dirt or poor odors could be safely eliminated without leaving spots or residue.

Obviously, you aren't just limited by the inside of the automobile because most car vapor cleaners are flexible . From washing the engine bay towards the air flow system, it is possible to clean a variety of components utilizing a steamer.

Dependant on how portable you need the steamer to be, there is a choice of a full size or handheld cleaner. Below is a list of the best steam cleaner for cars that are safe to use on the upholstery, car seats and many other components.

Dupray ONE Car Vapor Cleaner

Dupray are among the greatest vapor cleaner brands with a complete variety of versions fitted to both domestic and commercial use. The Drupray ONE is a middle range machine by Drupray that provides a straightforward and efficient option for chemical free of charge cleaning however they perform offer more costly alternatives.

With regards to car detailing just, this vapor cleaner is certainly all you need and even more without the need to spend any more. That being said, it is fairly expensive to purchase even this model but its an excellent investment.

In terms of the features of the Dupray ONE , they consist of:


  • Effective 303 levels Fahrenheit vapor
  • 50.8 PSI of steam pressure
  • Gets hotter in under 8 mins
  • 1.88 meters reach and 5 meter cord
  • Durable 16 pieces accessories kit
  • High capability container with up to 50 moments cleaning time


The advanced technology used with this cleaner is usually astonishing and is the reason why it is so good. From your adjustable circulation to various indicators, you will be able to disinfect any surfaces with ease. Overall, it is the greatest car vapor cleaner you can purchase for car describing and includes a variety of components.

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Vapamore MR-100 Primo Vapor Cleaning Program

The Vapamore MR-100 may be the latest by the product manufacturer that combines great functionality and affordability into a one package. It includes a lifetimes guarantee for satisfaction and gets rid of the toughest of staining and odors from cars.

In terms of the specification, the Vapamore MR-100 is as adopted:


  • 220 degrees Fahrenheit steam
  • 60 moments of operation
  • 22 piece add-ons kit
  • 1500 watt hot water heater
  • 58.0 PSI of steam pressure


The machine itself is rather small and quickly moved around when you are describing the car. It really is a middle ranged priced vapor cleaner that packages a great deal of features and good performance. The lifetimes warranty is a massive bonus that makes the Vapamore MR-100 very appealing.

McCulloch MC1385 Deluxe Canister Steam System

The McCulloch MC1385 is a cheaper alternative that offers excellent value for money with a whole range of features similar to the Drupray model above. Included are 23 accessories that bolt straight on and the specification includes:



  • 200 degree Fahrenheit steam
  • 58 PSI steam pressure
  • 12 minutes warm up time
  • 120 minutes usage before needing a refill


The MC1385 will provide a deep clean without using harsh chemicals and is great for car interior washing on a spending budget but seeking high power.

There are several cheap automotive vapor cleaners obtainable but none arrive close with regards to vapor pressure. The McCulloch MC1385 may be the greatest portable vapor cleaner for vehicles you can purchase before spending a great deal of money.

McCulloch MC1275 Portable

Many people won't fancy moving a big canister but would prefer to utilize a handheld vapor cleaner for washing the vehicles upholstery. McCulloch possess a heavy duty steam cleaner that provides a powerful steam at 43 PSI, which is great for being handheld.

In terms of the specification of this handheld car steam cleaner, it includes:


  • 45 minutes of operation with 48 oz capacity
  • 8 minutes heating time
  • Power cord length of 15.7 feet
  • 18 accessories included
  • 43 PSI vapor pressure


Taking into consideration the little size, it packages a robust punch and amazing feature list. With regards to the handheld competition, it is in the expensive side but it may be the best handheld steam cleaner for car detailing.

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Comforday Pressurized Handheld Steam Cleaner

The Comforday is usually a true handheld device that comes with a 9 piece accessories kit and targeted towards those on a budget. For quickly going around the car without carrying a large steam cleaner, this is the best buy.

In terms of the specification of this cheap handheld steam cleaner, it includes:


  • 1050 watts of power
  • Up to 270 degrees Fahrenheit of steam
  • 20 moments of operating time
  • 9 piece accessory kit
  • 35.2 PSI of steam pressure


It is an all in one steamer that will use all surface area to trim through dirt very easily. It's the cheapest vapor cleaner for vehicles that will not fall apart as soon as you utilize it and can actually remove discolorations and smells.

Car Vapor Cleaner Buying Instruction

Steam washing fabrics and natural leather is one of the safest methods of cleaning automotive components. It is 100% chemical free and will not damage expensive fabrics such as alcantara or suede. Commercially used steam cleaners can be very expensive but for most auto detailers, all that is needed are the basics, which are recommended above.

Even if you are employing the greatest car interior cleaner , you might find yourself attempting to removing challenging stains. Nevertheless, the temperature and pressure from an automobile vapor cleaner will conveniently eliminate any discolorations or smells.

Nearly all steam cleaners include various components that enable you to completely detail your vehicle. The more, the better as you will be able to get into places that you wouldn’t normally be able to get to. To help you make a more informed buying decision, we have produced the below buying guide.


Using Steam Cleaning For Vehicles

Using among the suggested car steam cleansers above could be used for a complete range of washing. Many people use it on car interior upholstery to completely clean, rehydrate, condition and remove poor smells. However, you can find a great many other areas to completely clean which make usage of the vapor.

Washing your car windows with steam and a squeegee is much easier than using chemicals as there is no leftover residue. Cup holders that have had sticky soft drinks spilled inside can be very hard to clean as the plastic can stain with harsh chemicals. Steam cleaning the cup holders is fairly simple and you just need to clean away the moisture.

Dashboards, air flow systems and middle consoles gather a whole lot of dirt, grime and dirt on a regular basis. The vapor can latch onto the dirt and dirt, that may then simply become wiped away. Essentially, anywhere in the vehicle can be vapor cleaned without causing damage.

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Some car owners may go a step further and steam clean their engine bay, however you will need a powerful steamer for this. It is recommended to apply an engine degreaser and then finish up with steam cleaning to reach any dirt left.

Full Size vs Handheld

In short, a complete size car vapor cleaner could have even more power, even more water capability and even more features. A handheld steam cleaner will have less but has the added benefit of being very portable and easy to use around the car.

The majority of car owners will opt for the full size models due to the steam power . Carpets that are covered in salt are fairly hard to remove and become tough. A powerful steam cleaner will completely remove all dirt with ease. However, powerful steam cleaners for cars do come at a cost that many will never be willing to pay out and will pick the handheld cheap choice instead.

Water Capability and Operational A few minutes

The last thing that you want to happen is to be halfway steam cleaning a section of your automobile for water to perform out. This is highly annoying but prevented with a more substantial capacity water pot and efficient using the machine.

Handheld gadgets have a very much less of capacity and can run much less than the complete size alternatives.

Vapor Pressure and Heat range

The more pressure and higher the temp of the steamer, the more deeper and less difficult it will be to clean a surface. However, to buy a higher pressurized machine that maintains a higher temperature could be costly but worth the amount of money over time.

Bottom line

For all those that want to consider their car interior washing to another level, an excellent steam cleaner may be the strategy to use about it. Basic things from washing natural leather interior with vapor and applying a natural leather conditioner could make an enormous difference.

There's a model open to match every budget nonetheless it is an expert bit of package that may last a long time and well worth spending that very little extra. The Dupray may be the greatest car machine for interiors and can work all around the house too.

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